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Gaming / Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013
14-07-2013, 23:40:23 PM
The sequel to Robot Vacuum Simulator 2012 has been released. It has multiplayer but unfortunately it isn't online. Maybe next year we can have a tournament.

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Social/Off-Topic / Slice of bread
14-07-2013, 21:59:39 PM

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I've been looking for one of these. My friend has one but his granny bought it and she's dead now so I can't ask her. I don't even know what they're called so it's really hard to find any information about it.

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Social/Off-Topic / This isn't funny
28-02-2013, 11:37:34 AM
I don't think you realise just how offensive that name is.

If you're going to call me pbmaj, I'm going to act like pbmaj
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Social/Off-Topic / Apology thread
26-02-2013, 15:51:18 PM
I know you all must feel terrible about banning me, Hyper_Rectum and mcanus, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could post all your apologies here instead of flooding our inboxes with your heartfelt messages about how you've wronged us.

I'll also be making you watch videos of people getting banned like the Allies did to the Nazis after World War II.

Purchasing items from our Amazon wishlists is also appreciated.
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Social/Off-Topic / Game boy drink coaster
25-02-2013, 15:51:34 PM
I saw these for sale recently and since I love retro gaming, I couldn't help but buy one. What do you guys think?

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Feedback/Help / Going to bed forum
22-02-2013, 13:39:47 PM really needs a bed forum. We have a going to bed thread and it's really popular, but it's not big enough to discuss different going to bed topics such as:

  • Going to bed
  • Waking up
  • Not being able to sleep
  • Tiredness
  • Dreams

The list really is endless. One thing I did notice is that there is a sports forum. It's really unfair that only some people like sports and they get a forum, but EVERYBODY goes to bed and they only have one thread which isn't even nearly big enough.

I suggest a sleep discussion forum is created, or if the admins are opposed to such an idea, I would be satisfied with the sports forum being renamed "Sports/Going to bed".

Please let me know ASAP.
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Social/Off-Topic / Thunder gets the mail
20-02-2013, 01:07:29 AM
In a world gone mad, only one thing remains: that which exists between a man and his mailbox. Armed only with a set of keys, can he do what it takes to


Coming this summer.
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Social/Off-Topic / Highlighters
19-02-2013, 23:32:13 PM
Who has heard of these?

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Social/Off-Topic / How to make a sandwich
19-02-2013, 19:35:42 PM
Well, you guys asked for it, and here it is. The second installment of my tutorial series. This time I'll be showing you how to make a sandwich.

1. First up get two slices of bread. If you're making more than one sandwich then just multiply this amount of bread. Remember: bread is the foundation of your sandwich so make sure it's nice and sturdy.

2. Next you need to butter your bread on one side. This step isn't completely necessary, but butter is the glue of your sandwich and without it, all the ingredients will fall out when you try to lift it.

3. Get your cheese and grate it. I find a handfull is usually enough.

4. Add half of your cheese to the buttered side of your bread and press down to make sure it sticks.

5. Add your Doritos on top of the cheese. I find that tessellating your Doritos will help keep them neat and well spread.

6. Next add the second half of your cheese on top of the Doritos. This makes sure the sandwich is the same on both sides and wont taste different if you flip it over halfway through eating it.

7. Finally add your second slice of bread butter side down. Congratulations, your sandwich is complete.

Some notable sandwich eaters include Martin Clunes and Michael Barrymore. Why not try different flavours of Doritos and see what new tastes you can create?

Don't forget to rate and subscribe!
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Welcome to the first official dick drawing competition. Here you can put your artistic skills to the test and prove to everyone that you're the best at cock doodles.

I'm not going to make lots of rules, but all dicks must be hand drawn. This means no digital manipulation other than cropping or rotating etc. If I feel you are trying to exploit the competition, I reserve the right to disqualify you, although this will only happen if others agree that your cock bends the rules. All entries be submitted by midnight on the 28th. After this, a new thread will be created with a poll where everybody can vote for their favourite dick.

The competition is limited to one entry per person, but you can change your entry any number of times up until the deadline.

If this competition proves to be popular, there will be other Dick Drawing Competitions in the future, such as mspaint cocks and 3D throbbers.

Good luck, and may the best knobber win!
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Gaming / Dark Survival 3
18-02-2013, 14:30:56 PM
A bunch of us were on Mumble and we started bouncing around some game ideas. It's a first person shooter set in a dystopian future with RPG elements and an exciting soundtrack. Somebody came up with the name "Dark Survival 3" and we all agreed that it was a really cool and catchy name, so we all agreed that it would be the name of our game. We've been working on it for a bit and we're now happy to present the first official Dark Survival 3 screenshot.

It's still extremely rough, but we have some huge plans for it. We're going to start registering the domains and a few variants that people might accidently mistype such as and

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any cool ideas, let us know and we'll see if we can put them in the game. We'll keep you updated as the game progresses!

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Social/Off-Topic / Going to bed thread
18-02-2013, 03:27:47 AM
Let's all download Fusion Field!

I'm going to bed

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Social/Off-Topic / How to make a salad
17-02-2013, 20:22:20 PM
Greetings fellow truckers! A few of you have been asking me how I make my salads, so I decided  to make a tutorial thread so you can all learn to do it properly. All it takes is 6 simple steps.

1. First you'll need your salad. The fresher the better. Don't try to be cheap and save money by buying the cheapest salad, as this is the foundation of your meal.

2. Since salad comes from the ground, you'll want to wash all that nasty dirt off it! Run it under the tap for a few minutes and then slice it into bize sized chunks.

3. Next, you'll want to add some texture to give your salad some variety. For this I'm using croutons.

4. Grate up your croutons to ensure you can easily mix them throughout the salad. They don't need to be grated finely, but make sure they're small enough to fit on your fork without hassle.

5. Finally, add your favourite topping of to bring some flavour to the salad. I'm on a diet, so I'm using lightly salted popcorn, but feel free to use caramel popcorn if you're fat.

6. Congratulations! You've just made your first salad! Remember, there's literally thousands of varieties you can make at home, so swap around ingredients and see what you like best!

Don't forget to say thanks if you enjoyed this tutorial!
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