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Social/Off-Topic / Beerlao appreciation thread
20-07-2013, 01:37:14 AM
Have you had this beer and how do you feel about it?

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Feedback/Help / Request: Special subforum
20-07-2013, 01:28:55 AM
For people who travelled outside the continent of their birth so those of us with a worldly perspective do not have to deal with close minded American would be intellectuals.
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Do you like Bermuda shorts? feel free to talk about it here. I like them 
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That way there is accountability and shame for needlessly locking things, positive recognition and appreciation for locking things that need to be locked . Thumbs up for yes thumbs down for no.

You could just make every locked thread say "Locked by Cirus" , too
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I don't, wtf mate? Looks like a slag outside a Belfast pub at 2am trying to find someone to go home with.

I wouldn't do her.
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Social/Off-Topic / My cricket experience
19-07-2013, 09:04:37 AM
Please post your cricket experiences here.

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Social/Off-Topic / My cricket experience
18-07-2013, 20:34:04 PM
Guys I decided to join the local cricket club since I own a cricket bat, even though I've never played the game before.

I went tonight for the first and it was quite an experience.

There were no white people, which was not a problem, but there were also no people speaking English. I was scared to even walk up and ask to play but I did. They were pretty rude to me and I think they were talking bad about me in their own language but i'm not entirely sure.

While batting a guy threw the ball at me on purpose and hit me in the thigh, it hurt like poo poo and a couple CM over and i'd be sterile. It is badly bruised.

While batting (this was my fault) I fetched up and the ball hit my pinky on my right hand which feels broken and is also badly bruised.

While fielding I dove for a catch and I guess i'm a pussy because my left palm is badly badly bruised. I cant even move my right pinky, I may need to go to a doctor.

They put me in some fetched up position where I had to run for every fetching ball in the 98 degree DC heat/humidity and I felt like I was going to pass out, despite being in reasonably good shape. When I went to get water from my massive pickup truck they (I assume) talked bad about me in their own language.

At the end they did invite me back, they want me to play again tomorrow. Should I return or was 1 experimental outing of this enough? I don't know if i'll be able to use my hands next week, much less tomorrow. Typing this post was painful.

I may take a pic of my hand later and put it on here. I'd take a pic of my inner thigh too but it would be a bit gay.

I hope you enjoyed my cricket experience

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Social/Off-Topic / Is Five Guys a good burger?
13-07-2013, 14:42:50 PM
# 24
WINNER Help / Linen Question
13-07-2013, 12:51:30 PM
Guys I need to know what you prefer for comforters and sheets. For a comforter is it better to get "Down" or "Down Alternative" if they are the same price and what is the difference in the thread count for sheets ?
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STEEV'S KORNER ! / The Tea Room
13-07-2013, 09:31:46 AM
I enjoy drinking high dollar teas that are weighed on a scale by a hipster at teavana, I also enjoy purchasing expensive contraptions to brew my tea. One thing I really like about drinking high dollar tea that no one has ever heard of is that it is really conducive to intelligent discussions.

If you are drinking expensive tea, and if you have spent lots of money on devices to brew the tea, please come in to this tea room and lets talk about very serious topics.

I'll select the first topic.

In France there are many regional languages that are very cool and significant , from a historical perspective. The French government is actively trying to ban these languages and prevent people from speaking them, even by putting up Nazi like signs in schools that say "SPEAK FRENCH, BE CLEAN" .

How do you feel about the marginalization of provencale, Breton, and other French regional dialects?

Talking about this while drinking a 39.99/pound mate that I bought from a guy with a twirled mustache. I also paid 50 dollars for the pot I poured it out of and another 29.99 for a tea ball rofl that is just a piece of mesh
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Social/Off-Topic / Hong Kong Fish Balls
11-07-2013, 18:39:53 PM
Have you had these tasty treats and if so how do you feel about them?

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# 28
I saw this provocative film and had to share, it changed my traditional views on world power. Please watch

# 29
How do you all feel about the "guacamole" at taco bell that they shoot out of a painter's caulking gun?

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# 30
Are any of you concerned about the new OS feature? Steev always adds the best features but i'm concerned that now members will be able to see that I frequently post from an apple device and I feel that I may be persecuted or discriminated against every time the apple is seen next to a post I make.

I am deeply concerned that this will turn the forum against me in a subliminal way.. maybe ill have to destroy my apple product and move on to a real android phone like ive wanted to for some time

Will we be able to ban anyone who persecutes based off of grounds of operating system?
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