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Can I have a private forum so I can make a thread about talking poo poo about people behind their back?
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Social/Off-Topic / Parking lot guy
25-07-2013, 17:16:41 PM
Some shirtless batty boy with a sky blue Jetta is parked horizontal across 3 spaces an is shirtless blaring that relly energetic techno that has like a soft woman's voice then a super dance breakdown I really want to fight him
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Social/Off-Topic / On off switch question
25-07-2013, 16:32:25 PM
If an on off switch has a | on one side and a  | | on the other side which one is on? the ||? plz advise
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Pretty sure it would have been 6.99 if it wasn't halal but at least I can rest easy at night after I make and eat these kabobs later, knowing that the divine is on my side
# 5

"The bug - which was first publicised earlier this month - allows attackers to install code on to phones running Google's mobile operating system and then take control of them."

No word yet if SKRAG was involved
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Gaming / Borderlands 2 YW style
24-07-2013, 11:16:38 AM
I am very sick right now and have nothing to do , but do not feel like sleeping. If anyone has this game , we should do a coop playthrough style I bought the game but never really played it but I think it is supposed to be fun if you play with close friends (like everyone on is to me) Please contact me at your earliest convenience if u are interested in this

We can all enjoy the classic art style of Borderlands 2 while also enjoying the light hearted humour and visceral, frenetic gameplay
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Social/Off-Topic / Unfortunate morning
24-07-2013, 11:04:21 AM

# 8
Meta is easily the worst post rating and i'm sure some metric will show that it is rarely used. Why not bring back what the people want? :twisted:

SKRAG recently circumvented forum security to add rigcoins making this more relevant than ever.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hipster shaving
23-07-2013, 15:36:44 PM
Why do hipsters have to use expensive equipment to shave their faces? What is with all these upscale shaving stores opening in malls? News flash shaving with a high dollar straight razor, a lathering brush and various lotions makes you a massive pussy and is no different from using the cheap razors from Cvs that you throw away after 2 uses. Why do hipsters also constantly brag about using these items to shave with? Someone fill me in
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Social/Off-Topic / My ac is fixed
23-07-2013, 15:10:47 PM
How will I learn to sleep under covers instead of totall naked with no covers while sweating profusely ? Please advise
# 11
Gaming / About bastion
23-07-2013, 15:08:58 PM
Why do all the gay babies feel like they have to like and promote this game Nd tell ppl how good the narration is #disfrace
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Social/Off-Topic / Cha siu pork bun thread
22-07-2013, 10:36:44 AM
I love pork buns with cha siu or curry chicken or pork in oyster sauce . I also love youtiou and mantou. If you like these things feel free to comment or rate this post with a thumbs up. If you dont like them u are a disgrace
# 13
Normally I don't eat red meat or steaks because I have a very high opinion of myself and feel that strict dietary regimes make me special and better than everyone else, but I ate a huge ribeye for lunch today and it has caused explosive diarrhea. I really do not want to go into too much detail but this is really really really bad it is almost as if you are peeing out of the wrong hole.

I don't think ill be having any more red meat any time soon. 
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Social/Off-Topic / Samsung Galaxy Note II
21-07-2013, 17:19:16 PM
This is a really boss phone and i'd really like to have it. I cant believe these assholes in the ATT store are trying to charge me 699$ for this fricking phone because i'm only 1 year into my current contract even though I've been a ATT customer for a decade. If i'd realized buying a poo pooty iphone was a TRAP that meant I was no longer eligible for the real cellphone price I would have never done it.

How do you feel about this phone and what is the maximum you'd pay for it? I think for 299 i'd do it.

# 15
Gaming / WINNER: Ride to Hell game
21-07-2013, 08:50:07 AM
This game is about being a biker that just returned from Vietnam to avenge your brother's death. It is on Steam and seems to horrible, horrible, horrible reviews

someone should buy it

I want to see the "Fully clothed sex scenes" that the bad reviews mention
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