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Gaming / Drawn To Life
22-06-2008, 01:42:38 AM

I bought this today because I had to exchange something at GameStop and this was on the USED shelf.  Not a bad deal actually.  The game itself is kind of an over-cutesy J-RPG/sidescroller hybrid, which so far has proven to share a difficulty level with falling off a log, urinating while drunk, and Barney's Hide & Seek.  The fun part is in the re-creating many of the game's sprites, including your own character.

I've seen on blogs where people have done everything from Mega Man to naked ladies for their character, which is fine, but it really doesn't make the game itself any more fun to play.  Which is why I drew "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Suddenly, it's a surreal and hilarious situation - Austin 3:16 is trapped in a world with a bunch of needy anthropomorphic cat people, and he can't leave until he collects all the pages of the Life Book.  The stern look I drew on his face (for accuracy, natch) tells a great story of a terminally bored bionic redneck, trapped against his will in the Furryverse, who would really like to be handing out Stone Cold Stunners like hurt-flavored Tic-Tacs.

It gets even funnier in the side-scroller missions, when Austin must now use his newly-acquired "Snowball Launcher" (which I drew to look like a snub-nosed .38) to cross landscapes consisting of the most random assortment of incidental bad guys this side of Commander Keen.  Jumping on their heads, of course, kills them, but clearly Austin is not impressed - "Push the goddam Stunner button!" his glare seems to say.  No dice though.  On the bright side, the "butt-stomp" attacks really does look more like an elbow drop than anything else.  Maybe I should have drawn "Macho Man" Randy Savage instead.

So anyways, great times.  I recommend it for anyone with a DS, but seriously, buy used if possible.  It's definitely worth no more than $15.
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Social/Off-Topic / A Greak Hope
21-06-2008, 20:11:59 PM
# 318
Social/Off-Topic / Hero Or Hitman? YOU DECIDE!
12-06-2008, 14:10:09 PM

Guidoman, Guidoman
Does whatever a guido can
Drives a car, oversized
Makes a great pizza pie
Hey there... Here comes the Guidoman!

Is he strong?  Listen bud.
He's got spicy Italian blood.
What's that thing?  In your bed?
Take a look... Horse's head!
Paizan... Don't feck with Guidoman!

In the heat of the night
At the scene of a crime
With the speed of light
He escapes just in tiiiiiime!

Guidoman, Guidoman
Friendly unionized Guidoman
Soap and water, he's ignored.
Pasta is his reward.
To him, life is a great big hold-up
So wherever Caddies roll up
You'll find the GUIDOMAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!
# 319
Social/Off-Topic / This site makes me happy
09-06-2008, 18:31:51 PM
And so I want to make others happy, so +1 COOL POINTS to the first 10 people who post poo pooty children's art in this thread, which also makes me happy.
# 320
Social/Off-Topic / Manliest Dance Party EVAH
02-06-2008, 20:56:03 PM

fig.1: Triple H, Batman, and The Devil, dancing at the Pale Moon Nightclub.
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