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# 16456
Announcements / Sign this important letter
10-08-2007, 02:44:40 AM
I will be sending a final email to every member of the old forums.  The email will be as follows:

After 25 months with Invisionfree forums, has finally moved.  Throughout our short history, the goal has been to provide the most WINNER forums for our devoted BROTRRers.  From the beginning as a default Invisionfree forum, to the many skins we have used, we have always been a safe haven for oppressed BROTRRers from all across the internet.  While switching to a new forum means that we will lose two years of threads, posts, and overall WINNERness, the move also brings the forums to a new height of WINNER that has been previously unmatched.

It's a new chapter in the saga, and we'd love to have all of you join us.

Cirus -- Head Administrator
R.R. -- The admin that people actually like xD j/k i am hated.
EJ - Hero of the female people
JCTHEDUDE - Awesome Dude
Grignr - Awesome dood
Stcb -- Head Cynic/Obscure Metalhead
Syoudous - OH MY GOD
ZIGS_ARE_WINNER - Hero of the people
CRT - Hero of the gay people XDXD
EJ - butts lol
Karin Koenig - The last remaining female member ^_^!
DZ - The one who couldn't think of a creative name
Joe - lackluster yet WINNER
SOS-Dan - Serious Weeaboo non-hetrosexual person
BRN - Oh hai
gamer8r - resident AOLer
Dissident - Resident Furry
and all the other WINNERs

# 16457
It is pretty funny.  I mean, how can he actually not enjoy the game!

This guy is a great comedian if he was able to say it was a bad game without exploding in laughter.
# 16458
oh wow, it's based on an abba song?  That means it sucks even more than I could have imagined.
# 16459
Musicals suck.
# 16460
I'm not making a category for one board.

I'm not making a board that will generate a thread every two weeks.
# 16461
Feedback/Help / Re: Karma
09-08-2007, 22:23:44 PM
Because Karma shows how KOOL you are.

# 16462
Yes, and I was also pissed off that there was only one episode on tonight instead of the regular two because FOX decided preseason football was more important.
# 16463
Social/Off-Topic / Re: More from AOL news
09-08-2007, 19:52:53 PM
The kid will get his ass kicked whether his name is 4Real or Superman anyway.
# 16464
Namclone has something like 10 pages worth of new Book of Rigism material he hasn't posted because you guys are all assholes to him.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, etc.
# 16465
Feedback/Help / Re: PM system doesn't work.
09-08-2007, 19:11:11 PM
I've received messages fine.
# 16466
Rusko Star
# 16467
# 16468
Looks like your plea for karma has BACKFIRED
# 16469
Sporadically making fanwork every couple of weeks doesn't justify having a separate board for it.  All of the old fanwork can go in the BROTRR Discussion board as well.
# 16470
No, no
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