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Gaming / I like this screenshot
24-01-2023, 21:40:02 PM
No skrag enlargement necessary
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
19-01-2023, 23:18:33 PM
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It was watermelon, it was okay. It tasted like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. They were leftovers from a work event last week so it was either watermelon, strawberry or mexican cola flavor.

I agree tamarind is the best flavor.
# 4
I drank a Jarritos today
# 5
A good benchmark is half your weight in ounces
# 6
2-3 cups of water is simply absurd, you must be severely hydrated.

my typical water intake:

7am - 10 oz coffee
10am - 16 oz water
12pm - 2 oz espresso
2pm - 16 oz water
6pm - 16 oz water
930pm - 32 oz water
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# 8
It's a lot for me. I haven't kept track but at least two liters daily.
# 9
Seattle is too clean
# 10
Carbonated drinks are the devil's work (not beer)
# 11
I love my soda stream and the land it helps annex.

(((soda stream)))
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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas!
25-12-2022, 23:07:58 PM
# 14
SF does have issues with trash, homelessness and vandalism which is mostly a failure of local government. A couple good examples from this year:

5 years to develop prototype public trash cans -
$1.7m to build one public toilet -

In Oakland, traffic enforcement doesn't happen, car theft/broken windows are totally out of control and homelessness has gotten worse. On the other hand, Oakland is doing a lot better than SF regarding building new housing (also true of neighboring towns, even Berkeley). Both cities have tons of good food, museums, art and parks. I can't imagine leaving the Bay Area at this point.
# 15
A lot of San Francisco sucks, but it's not the crime-riddled hellhole that the media likes to say it is. Rents have fallen a lot due to the pandemic. Lots of empty storefronts.

I've always preferred Oakland, but it's not cheap either and has its own problems.
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