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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
27-07-2018, 21:27:35 PM
Okay let me see if I could get on Discord. Just let me try.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
27-07-2018, 00:12:12 AM
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Sorry... but what do you want me to name my account though?
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I got into the Discord, but I feel like I might want to decide what to name my account lol. But until then, next time. I'm going to bed.
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Okay, but I might want to think about it later. In the meantime, I'm just going to watch a video of the player beating ALL TMNT Arcade bosses no damage on YouTube.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
26-07-2018, 21:51:33 PM
Btw, I think Hello Kitty is possibly the most awesome greatest most  :stamp: thing in all of multiversal existence!
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
26-07-2018, 21:51:03 PM
Hi Klayotic, happy birthday

What birthday presents did you get

Didn't get my presents yet. I want to get a SNES Classic though, along with a couple DVD's of Studio Ghibli movies and that Mary and the Witch's Flower one.
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How do I get to Discord? I never used that kind of thing before.
# 9
What about me?
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
23-07-2018, 22:29:13 PM
^ Data Entry at the Office in Midtown-Manhattan man.

Btw, what the hell did I miss on this site since the last time I was here over a year ago?
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BROTRR Discussion / vore.../..
23-07-2018, 22:27:29 PM
Voraphilia is the best fetish.
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BROTRR Discussion / is this place dead
23-07-2018, 22:26:55 PM
And I can't believe I still come here to post occasionally each year.
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BROTRR Discussion / vore.../..
21-07-2018, 12:21:47 PM
Someone's turned on by vore, I see.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello it's me Klayotic...
21-07-2018, 12:19:54 PM
Holy poo poo, I can't remember when's the last time I did a drive-by post on this forum. Last Thursday was my Birthday, I got my first job, and I want to get a SNES Classic. And plus my most favorite character now is Hello Kitty and I think she is the embodiment of :stamp: and love her more than Nintendo and Studio Ghibli combined.

And I got nothing else to post about, I'm just bored out of my skull here, so sue me guys.

Edit - Just checked my posts and I can't believe I skipped the year 2017 when it comes to posting here.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello guys...
25-07-2016, 19:17:36 PM
I forgot to mention I turned 25 last Tuesday. But at least last night, I had an Applebee's dinner to make up for it.
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