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Social/Off-Topic / I'm on the Computer
08-04-2024, 20:42:08 PM
I'm browsing my favourite websites.

Do you guys use the computer?
Do you browse your favourite sites?

# 2
Gaming / VIDEO
14-11-2023, 22:47:29 PM
# 3
Social/Off-Topic / im a big fat gaywad
14-11-2023, 22:43:17 PM
does that OFFEND you, LIBTARD??????
# 4
Feedback/Help / Help!
11-07-2023, 23:14:31 PM
I think i've broke my ASS
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / i'm pregnanbt
04-07-2023, 23:11:42 PM
what should I name my babies (twins)?
# 6
It's a lot for me. I haven't kept track but at least two liters daily.
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
17-09-2021, 00:10:02 AM
# 8
Social/Off-Topic / bung hole
30-08-2021, 21:57:17 PM
# 9
Social/Off-Topic / pee pee poopoo
04-07-2021, 18:29:35 PM
pee pee pooop opp
# 10

If this official petition reaches 1 signatures steev has to come back

1. cirus

# 11
Social/Off-Topic / smokers only
17-01-2021, 21:43:45 PM
# 12
because I fetching love science!
# 13
Social/Off-Topic / First post in July!
06-06-2019, 01:32:38 AM
I didn't want anybody to beat me to this one.  :belair:
# 14
Gaming / Game Design Masterclass
01-01-2019, 22:33:15 PM
Hello students!

Welcome to bjorno's videogame design school.
I will teach YOU how to create a AAA smash hit video game!

Lesson 1: The "Big Idea"

Here is the most important part of creating your smash hit AAA video game, the IDEA phase.

Websters disctionary defines IDEA as ": the central meaning or chief end of a particular action or situation" which means its what we gotta do to form the game. The game should first form in your mind - as the alchemist Nicolas Flamel once stated in his great wisdom "As is in the mind it will be in the terra". What this means of course is that nothing can exist without first existing inyour mind. We are doing alchemy here, turning trash into GOLD.

Here is my trademark system for coming up with these ideas:

1. Think of a video game you already like or is popular
2. Tweak it in a way to bump up the "FUN FACTOR". This also helps with the copyright issues.
3. "Mind-play" the game in your own head, noting if you're having fun and making tweaks to improve.
4. Add in loot-boxes.

I will now demonstrate with an example.

Base Game: Crazi Taxi
Tweak: instead of a taxi its ubers now and you have to pick up mcdonalds orders for stoned 30 y/o's and the soundtrack is soundcloud rap and the graphics are hyper-realistic and there are boob physics and the drivers all have huge knockers and you can build a ramp while driving and theres a button that makes the character dance and its online so you can squad up
Mind play: Oh wow this rules ahahaha coool oh damn that melon stand exploded i wish i could shoot melons at people from the car
loot boxes: new sexy outfits for the uber driver ladies and new honks for your whip

Makes sense? Good!

Today's lesson is accompanied with a mandatory assignment due before the next lesson.
Each student is to come up with 2+ game ideas using the system taught.
I will evalutate your progress to assist in the learning process.

Good gaming!!
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Chainsaw Maintenence
18-12-2018, 22:50:00 PM
How do you guys keep your chainsaws in proper working order? Any tips?

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