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To compete with Linux's rising marketshare, Microsoft have been forced to market their operating system with cute anime girls as a last-ditch effort to stay relevant. They're too lazy to come up with a name for her though so they're holding a contest to see who can come up with the most kawaii name. The winner gets a body pillow or something.

Personally I like the design of the Internet Explorer girl better.
# 2
06-05-2015, 20:10:28 PM
# 3
STEEV'S KORNER ! / Intel Compute Stick
07-01-2015, 20:21:46 PM

The Linux version will only cost $89, but it has half the ram and an inferior operating system compared to the Windows version.
# 4
Gaming / 80% off Worms Collection sale
05-11-2014, 16:48:51 PM

I forget, Armageddon is the only one worth getting, right?
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Social/Off-Topic / HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!
01-07-2014, 14:07:21 PM

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Gaming / Humble #SCROOGLE Bundle
18-05-2014, 16:29:53 PM
So today's Humble Daily Bundle is HammerWatch. A bundle where you get only one game. Some bundle, eh?

You don't even get the game if you pay what you want! You only get the soundtrack and art! Still, $7 for HammerWatch is still a fairly good deal. Or is it!?

That's right, you can currently get Hammerwatch right now for cheaper on the Humble Store than in the bundle! They're #SCROOGLING people who don't know any better!

But back to the pay what you want deal. Maybe if you like the soundtrack and art it's still a good deal. But wait, the developers are already giving away the soundtrack FOR FREE! Not only that, but you get 2 bonus tracks that you don't get if you buy the bundle. You can even get them in FLAC.

So what do you get if you buy the pay what you want tier?

12 songs that you can already get for free and 5 pictures. There's nothing humble about this bundle! 3,560+ people have already been #SCROOGLED by this bundle! Don't be one of them!
# 7
I have a poo pooty old laptop that I don't use anymore and I was thinking about giving it to my younger brother. Windows 7 runs pretty badly on it though so I was thinking of installing Linux on it. The problem is I don't know which Linux distro would be ideal for him. He's 10 years old so I don't want it to be like baby's first OS but I also don't want it to be something too complicated or something that allows him to accidentally fetch up the laptop. It should also be something that works similarly to Windows since that's what he's used to. Should I just install the latest LTS Ubuntu/Mint version on it or is there something better?
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BROTRR Discussion / Amazing Big Rigs speedrun
19-03-2014, 19:37:47 PM

This guy completes every race in less than two minutes (not counting loading screens) and apparently sets a world record. In the first race he masterfully controls Thunder through all the checkpoints in reverse, and Stell must have been so impressed that He gave him an easy victory on the rest of the races.

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Gaming / The Humble Store debut 24 hour sale
11-11-2013, 14:27:43 PM

Check out these screaming deals:

Don't Starve - $7.49
Prison Architect Alpha - $14.99
Orcs Must Die! 2 - Complete - $6.25
Gunpoint - $4.99
Rogue Legacy - $7.49
The Swapper - $4.99
Natural Selection 2 - $6.25
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - $6.25
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $6.25
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Social/Off-Topic / Windows 8.1
17-10-2013, 13:37:50 PM
I'm installing it right now. Just agreed to have my info sent to the NSA. Now it's showing pretty colours while it installs my apps. Who else is getting it?
# 11

Basically just vote for whatever you want and you can get either Mafia II or Civ V for . Activates on Steam, XBL, or PSN. I got Civ V. DO IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
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Gaming / Ryan Davis is dead
08-07-2013, 13:36:54 PM
# 13
Feedback/Help / Make hashtags suck less
28-02-2013, 15:43:05 PM
Using #hashtags is incredibly inconvenient because of the way it is implemented. That's why nobody on this site uses it. Hashtags should work exactly as they do on Twitter. We should be able to just type the number symbol before a word for it to become a hashtag. We should also have to do it on a #word #by #word #basis #unlesswetypelikethis No periods or other weird symbols either, it should just work for letters.

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Fetish Discussion / My Little Pony
01-04-2012, 15:18:05 PM
I like to shove the little toys up my anus. Thoughts?
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