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Feedback/Help / YW Emojis
11-12-2019, 14:06:04 PM
Where the fetch did all of the great emojis/pics go to???

 :stamp: :loser: :roddy: :belair: :bidoof: :leek: :bluerig: :stalin:


This needs fixing immediately
# 2
Adminiature Art Hour / Attn. Steev: Manga
26-07-2019, 18:12:24 PM
Hi Steev

There is a distinct lack of new manga drawings on this forum; could you correct this please

# 3
Movies, TV, Music, Books / The Boys
26-07-2019, 18:06:54 PM
I've just found out that one of my favourite comic book series has been made into a TV show: The Boys.

This is brilliant, you've really got to give it a try.  Don't get turned off if you don't like superhero poo poo, this is great.  It's one of the most depraved things i've read, I hope the TV series lives up to the books.
# 4
# 5
...well, not exactly.  See me and a few work-mates on Friday yesterday, at lunchtime, decided to order some food via the delivery service company called Deliveroo, and one of the restaurants on their books is Five Guys.  I suggested we get some food from there, and we all agreed.  We had various burgers and fries delivered to the office from Five Guys.  I had a "little" burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce, fresh onion, and jalapenos.  Also had a load of fries to go with it.  Burger was 6.95 I think, it cost me 9 quid all-in, including Deliveroo's delivery charge.  Pics:

The beginning:

Opened up, with fries (we bought a large fries and shared them out between us):

First bites.  Added some Heinz tomato ketchup.

Eating some more:

Almost gone:

All-in, i'd rate the meal as 8/10, though I was quite hungry at the time, and my hunger may have biased the rating somewhat.  I would have a Five Guys again, perhaps to try the hotdog.

# 6
LOGAN:  Unlike any x-men film you've ever seen.  Very grim-dark.  Well-told story.  fetchs with the canon timeline like most other x-men films do, but this movie is stand-alone and brilliant.  Excellent acting.  A bit sad.   
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:

ARRIVAL:  Slow-paced.  Very weird film.  All about the power of communication, and how misunderstanding something can lead to terrible consequences.  Cool aliens.  Average acting.  Thought-provoking at the end.
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
# 7
Watched this Friday night.  A bit slow to start, as sometimes the Alien films are when setting the scene and building story, but becomes very good later.  You find out A LOT more about the Alien race, where it came from etc.  The movie answers some questions but still leaves others unanswered, to be covered in the third film hopefully.  A lot more blood and gore in this when compared to Prometheus.  Worth watching.

I rate it  :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: out of  :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:

# 8
Movies, TV, Music, Books / DUNE
08-05-2017, 16:13:35 PM

OK, here's my attempt at making a rare topic on the forum, lol.

I'm looking for a really decent Dune-related thing (Frank Herbert) - you know, the sci-fi with Atreides, Harkonnens etc.  I just think it's really cool.  Something you've come across and really liked related to it.  It can be a really good movie, board game, PC game, whatever.  What are your experiences with this sci-fi legend, and have you found anything really decent related to it, something worth getting in to?

# 9
BROTRR Discussion / WINNER Lego
21-04-2017, 06:06:43 AM
Check out this fetchING WINNER BIG RIG:

If you click the gallery link below you'll see a fully-detailed engine and working lights:

 :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig:
# 10
Feedback/Help / Possible HWSNBN hacking
08-03-2017, 14:27:04 PM

I'm getting a message i've not seen before on


Only getting that on this website.  Also, my username and password are no longer auto-filling.  Have we... been hacked by LOSER agents?
# 11
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Rick & Morty
01-03-2017, 14:29:58 PM

Anyone here watch Rick & Morty?  Season 3 supposed to be coming out pretty soon
# 12

What's that program called which "plays" games in your Steam library for you so you get item drops from them?
# 13
WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
27-10-2016, 14:30:49 PM

My Nexus 7 tablet (the official YW tablet :trophy: ) has served me well over the years, but now it's knackered; it's been getting slower and slower over the last few months, constant pausing and slow-downs, and now it's practically given up.

I need a new tablet!  I'm thinking something bigger, perhaps with a 10" screen.  And definitely Android - I don't want any Apple crap.  Can we all agree on a new official YW tablet, so I can buy it and be :stamp: ?
# 14
Social/Off-Topic / Jokes
17-07-2016, 19:09:53 PM
Post any good jokes you come across here  :roddy:


I just searched Google for 'Lost Medieval Servant Boy', but all I got was 'Page not found'

# 15
Social/Off-Topic / UK - EU Referendum vote
23-06-2016, 17:53:45 PM
There's a "huge" vote going on right now about whether the UK should stay in the EU (European Union) or not.  There would be massive changes to the economy, immigration and all sorts of stuff if we decide to leave the EU.

It's barely worth a topic on YW TBH, but whatever.  I'll post the results here if anyone's bothered. :uk:

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