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# 1
Gaming / Svetlana is a loser
03-03-2014, 04:57:44 AM
I am the undisputed CSGO chicken killing master
# 2
Adminiature Art Hour / Colorado Crew
27-01-2013, 00:45:51 AM
I don't remember where I posted this before on YW but Catbrush says he hadn't seen it before so now it's a little more visible

# 3
Gaming / Fairy poo poo
28-11-2012, 21:25:07 PM
Hey this game is adorable (Fairy Bloom Freesia)

You play as a fairy and save a forest or something

Pretty much you jump around and beat things up

And there's bosses ofc

Demo over ;_;
# 4
Movies, TV, Music, Books / I struck gold
04-05-2012, 04:43:42 AM

Finally a show that understands ME
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / Donut made me a signature
30-04-2012, 02:36:23 AM
I hate that non-heterosexual persongot
# 6
Gaming / Amazon has a big sale today
08-04-2012, 18:47:50 PM

Sup sluts guess who's gonna own Europe

# 7
Gaming / Gaming w/ friends
02-04-2012, 20:44:49 PM
3v3 SC2 with Catbrush and Donut

Co-op games w/ Donut :3

Me vs ANYONE at HALO 2. I'm so good I blow a wad out of self-amazement (I'm in black shirt duh)
# 8
Gaming / Dickstarter
29-03-2012, 03:52:27 AM
Like all popular new internet things, kickstarter is pretty gay. That said, I made an account so I could put $15 towards Takedown, or as it is better known
I really hope he gets his $200k and makes this game.

Also, when I get the moolah I will put down $50 for Banner Saga because it seems way more likely to see the light of day, plus that poster is fetching COOL. Also the animation is fetching COOL. Turn-based "tactics" rpgs are fetching COOL.

# 9
Adminiature Art Hour / Valentine's Day
14-02-2012, 22:42:24 PM

Today I went to the bank and put all my wallet money into my account, then bought $10 worth of gas and $60 worth of roses (3 dozen at King Soopers) and handed them out to the people in my two Tuesday classes. I'm broke now.

Anyway Catbrush bought me Kingdoms of Amalur which is awesome. Reply to this topic and I will draw you a rose. 1 rose per person.

This offer is only good until Amalur finishes installing so NO BITCHING when it's over
# 10

I made Catbrush a card because I have no money. I have no money because I am too lazy to get a job.

I am also too lazy to not take advantage of an annoying meme.

too lazy to finish this sent

Oh looks like I screwed up, bottom left needs to be upside-down to fold properly
# 11
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Big Lebowski
08-07-2011, 03:02:15 AM
So I watched Big Lebowski with my dad last night instead of Iron Man 2. Thank god, that movie sucked nuts compared to the first one.

Anyway, it was funny. I'm always a bit worried about watching "cult classics" like this the first time because I don't want to be a huge dork about it and LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. Watching Rocky Horror for the first time is a definite example.

Watching funny movies with my dad is great because he has the loudest fetching laugh I've ever heard. When the Dude dropped his joint on his groin and tried to put it out with his beer he basically exploded. AAAAAAAAAAH HAA HAAA hyper-ventilate hyper-ventilate.

Also fetch yeah white Russians. Maybe not that goddamn many though
# 12

To accompany a mix cd

man I'm gay

Also Electric Wizard for unicorning life
# 13
Gaming / LA Noire
15-05-2011, 04:49:40 AM
Didn't see a thread about it so I'll start one

I'm going to buy it Tuesday, or maybe go to the midnight release (guess that's still Tuesday LOL) and hang out with a whole bunch of cool guys at Gamestop!

I hope it's fun, and I think it would be sweet if there was an RDR reference in there somewhere, like some character, since it's only set like 25-30 years later.

I also hope they make the cars drive like 1940s and earlier cars would've really handled. IE, totally gutless with crazy braking distance and horrible steering.
# 14
Gaming / Winner Recon
27-03-2011, 23:02:36 PM
Donut said some people in irc were interested in playing Ghost Recon Co-op

I am very interested in co-oping ghost recon with all of you. So yeah does this sound good to everyone?
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / : D
08-01-2011, 19:59:38 PM

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