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Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese
25-09-2022, 15:39:15 PM
I first tried sardines earlier this year. I started with mini sardines which I really liked but that was mostly due to the small size. They definitely need something acidic. I don't want to derail the cheese topic any more, so I'll leave with this cool site that I haven't purchased from yet but looks to be the best resource for tinned fish online:
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Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese
24-09-2022, 16:10:05 PM
What's the best cheese and sardine pairing?
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Gaming / ATTN Meep: Yakuza discussion
24-09-2022, 16:08:37 PM
if I were to someday complete 0, what would I play next (assuming like a dragon/hikari to yami no yukue is already in my cart)

Chronological order, so Kiwami comes after 0 and you go from there. Like A Dragon is separate and can be played whenever.

I have a P S Quintuple now. I will play Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Deez Nuts Across Yo Face) soonly.

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Gaming / ATTN Meep: Yakuza discussion
18-09-2022, 12:15:21 PM
Here's my "judgment" on Judgment: it's good
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Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese
09-09-2022, 22:30:22 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
07-09-2022, 20:32:35 PM
here's a good short one

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Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese
07-09-2022, 20:31:09 PM
I was born liking cheese, I NEVER had to realize it
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it's me
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Why? What was their KDR? Did they do anything worth respecting?
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Drinking broth during fasting is helpful
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
23-07-2022, 12:57:52 PM
I'll get back to sports soon. While looking through my history I was reminded of this fascinating documentary channel focusing on lost trades and traditional techniques. Every one I've watched was fascinating.

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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
22-07-2022, 13:47:46 PM
Please continue posting sports clips.

any requests? I love all sports and there's hardly a limit to what I'll post
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