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Gaming / Sweet game deals
Yesterday at 18:47:44
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Cool new band
17-06-2017, 14:57:34 PM
that album art is pretty good
# 3
Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
16-06-2017, 20:27:05 PM
I'm not feeling enough WINNER ! today and that worries me a lot. :bidoof:
:stamp: :roddy: :belair: :bluerig: :stalin: :thumbsup: :trophy: :texan: :mj: :winner: :rocky: :ballin: :barneykiss:
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Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga
14-06-2017, 15:57:06 PM
I'll be a grandpa by the time steev puts out some new manga
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
13-06-2017, 22:13:25 PM
I mean, if you brush your teeth, you should be able to drink as much kickstart as you want.
But getting them removed works as well
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Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
13-06-2017, 17:08:10 PM
well it does claim that it's "real energy for real people"
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Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
13-06-2017, 07:14:03 AM
I started drinking some xyience energy drinks which have 1000% vitamin B5 intake per can, which when taken in excess may cause diarrhoea and depression.
This might explain why I've been sitting on the toilet for half an hour at a time contemplating my entire existance but other than that I'm doing great (Y)
# 8
the birth place of captain coors
# 9
Gaming / Sweet game deals
04-06-2017, 15:57:42 PM
# 10
His color scheme is red and black and he cruises around on hover skates, of course he's evil!
# 11
Social/Off-Topic / The love letter
29-05-2017, 15:16:39 PM
did she ever call?
# 12
Social/Off-Topic / The love letter
27-05-2017, 19:29:01 PM
I'm in 8th grade and the guys in my classroom are a bunch of stupid, complete children.
little does she know...
# 13
rigs of war
# 14
time to bring back spaghetti hats
# 15
holy poo poo there is nothing in the world trade center
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