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Social/Off-Topic / im back beetches
Yesterday at 15:41:22
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Social/Off-Topic / Something good to jerk off
15-06-2018, 22:10:54 PM
nice truck
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
12-06-2018, 00:47:57 AM
interesting scar on the top of my left index finger i received in a pogo stick accident when i was 12-13. Pogo stick was similar to this one:

Very bad design. It malfunctioned and the metal rod in the center went through the handlebars and NEARLY cut off my finger. Do not recommend this type of pogo stick.....

MIGHT have a splinter in right thumb....
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Phone is still good battery life is very good. Kinda regret spending money before the switch comes out on the 21st, but oh well i'll just write it off on my taxes since it was a business expense
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Social/Off-Topic / Nothing to say but...
05-06-2018, 06:09:46 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / z
04-06-2018, 16:12:04 PM
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Gaming / Humble game exchange
29-05-2018, 17:39:13 PM
Eek I lost it
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Gaming / Humble game exchange
29-05-2018, 02:17:28 AM
I have a spare one way heroics key
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Did I lose mine again?
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$69 phone 2018

Hey bros, as some of you know recently I was messing with some Verizon Moto E4s and a $2 SIM unlock code from ebay. These are no good though, because even if you find one that's old enough to unlock, the bootloader can't be unlocked so you're stuck with Verizon for security patches.....

Fast-forward to now I discovered the US Cellular variant of Moto E4. This version is nearly identical to the retail unlocked version that costs $130 except on this one the price is bananas, It only costs you $69!

$69 gets you:
* Unlockable bootloader
* Snapdragon 420+7 processor
* 2 GB RAM
* 16 GB internal storage (expandable w/ microsd slot)
* Removable battery
* Headphone jack
* Loud front-facing speaker (pls don't disturb others)
* Fingerprint scanner
* Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (charges in less than 2 hrs)

Final thoughts:
Overall this $69 phone is much better than last year's $69 phone, and I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring to $69 phones

Some more info:

Lineageos build from a reputable dev:
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Social/Off-Topic / ass
13-04-2018, 23:28:25 PM
Uh don't click that link guys I got a virus
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BROTRR Discussion / is this place dead
11-03-2018, 21:08:54 PM
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Gaming / Discord Server
21-02-2018, 05:24:08 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / Am I LOSER ?
21-02-2018, 03:07:50 AM
You're unbanned bro. it's ok, even i got banned once.....
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