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Much appreciated my dear BROTRRer! :barneykiss:
That was for BROTRR, I don't know if it works with MRCS. I can take a look later
Uhh I got two problems: I can't create shortcuts from the .res and also after replacing the win.bmp anyway and using the normal shortcut I got a weird death square after winning the race. It doesn't call me WINNER ! but ar least it doesn't call me WIN !
I know we've had discussion of Modding in the past, and after receiving a copy of "YOU WIN !" Big Rigs, I wanted to immediately change it to the porper "YOU'RE WINNER !". However, I found the instructions to be rather confusing. Also, with many other mods, I figured other people could post things here.

Preparing for Mods

   1. Go to C:\Program Files\Big Rigs Racing (or wherever you installed it).
   2. Right-Click Carz.res and open it with either WinZip on WinRAR.
   3. Inside the new Carz folder, there is CarZ.exe. Right-click it and create a shortcut for it--the default shortcut will not work with the mods.

Changing "YOU WIN !" to "YOU'RE WINNER !"

   1. Go to Carz\Data\Images.
   2. Find "Win.bmp" and "Win_a.bmp". Delete them both.
   3. Replace them with and
You're set! Next time you race, you should see "YOU'RE WINNER !".
you can replace the one file that has the graphic
I know but unlike BROTRR it's not a loose png in the game's folders
you can replace the one file that has the graphic
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