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# 31
511's are the way to go. I feel diss on the 514 legs looking weird and baggy
# 32
Are those the straights???
514s are slim straights idk what 504s are
# 33
also I dont remember making this topic at all :roddy:
# 34
Ive switched to skinny a couple years ago skinny til I die
# 35
hey is it too late to join?
# 36
You don't even understand basic doctrinaire Marxism though. The system of capitalism evolved spontaneously as a response to the inherent contradictions of mercantilism. It wasn't consciously concocted.
Partly, but State power was also necessitated. Without the actions of many of the capitalist states, capitalism would not have developed, or would have developed much more slowly. Feudalism was entrenched in many areas until Napoleon went through Europe, and in Russia until the Revolution. The enclosure acts in England for example, were what pushed farmers off the land and into the cities, providing a cheap labor force and lots of land for factories and modern farming. In Britain, Capitalism didn't really solidify until the early-mid 1800s, when Britain had finished repealing its mercantilist trade laws.
# 37
PS please vote me for communist award
# 38
capitalism is an affront to the basic dignity of mankind and concocted by rich motherunicorners to control and trample their fellow man
# 39
for true communism to exist, the admins must whither away
# 40
a rowdy contest without rowdytuesday is a travesty
# 41
yes I will post more from now on. cirus we need to play ncaa again soon preferably with D rated teams again
# 42
good I just been trucking around. how about yourself?
sup diss? sup nam? what's new?
you guys should remember :roddy:
# 43
sup svetlana
# 44
best: EJ and stevie and zigs and donut
# 45
Sports / NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
28-11-2012, 01:31:11 AM
Ugh we didn't activate the fantasy league in time
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