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# 16
oh yeah
Body Wash: got this cheap in a 3 pack. It smells pretty good: like strawberry with a bit of citrus.

# 17
Shampoo: I don't really have a favorite but I like the Dove brand. Smells good and rinses out well.

Conditioner: I use this a few times a week to make my hair softer and more manageable.

Face wash: My daily face wash. This is a pretty awesome product. Looks shiny and it's helped to clear up my skin dramatically.

Face scrub: I use this once or twice a week when my face needs a good scrub. Made of walnut shells so it's too harsh to use every day.

Hair product: Saw this by chance at a store and bought it. Smells decent and gives my hair volume and definition but at the same time keeping it flexible.

Deodorant: Smells musky like a manly man

# 18
Sports / Fantasy Football 2013-2014 thread
10-08-2013, 16:54:34 PM
aww why cirus?
thanks EJ :roddy:
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / Where the fuk is Duc?
10-08-2013, 14:22:10 PM
@ducis02 hi
hi @steev :barneykiss:

hey duc

where've you been

hi diss, oh just living the boring post grad life I'm currently working and applying to medical schools
# 20
Sports / Fantasy Football 2013-2014 thread
10-08-2013, 14:19:04 PM
should we do a keeper league?
# 21
Sports / Fantasy Football 2013-2014 thread
10-08-2013, 03:26:57 AM
I'm in this year!
# 22
Social/Off-Topic / Where the fuk is Duc?
10-08-2013, 03:25:57 AM
sup dudes YOU'RE WINNER !
 :bluerig: :bidoof: :belair: :roddy: :rigcon: :stalin:
# 23
Sports / Some nasty injury in basketball
01-04-2013, 03:11:35 AM
holy poo poo pretty gnarly injury
# 24
yeah I guess you can do that I prefer the material and the position of the pockets on those pants though
# 25
Dude, jeans are always CLASS
Yeah but for things like blue shirts, I feel weird matching with the jeans.
# 26
what happens when it's winter again?
# 27
oh yeah forgot to mention I rarely wear jeans now. my everyday trousers are these pants from levis which are insanely comfortable and versatile as you can dress them up or down.

# 28
sup zigs welcome back :)
# 29
welcome to the club :roddy:
# 30
I had a pretty successful year.. had a midseason slump but finished strong in 2nd
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