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# 1
Gaming / ROM Hacking
26-02-2011, 13:57:09 PM
Anyone else here play or make ROM hacks of old games? I discovered Super Mario World hacking last year and it's quite awesome, people have made their own hacks that are longer than and sometimes better than the original. Anyone know of any other really good games with good hacks?
# 2
There is man somewhere who is absolutely obsessed with Miley Cyrus and is threatening to kill and eat his cat Fuzzy id she does not reactivate her Twitter account by November 16th. We must stop this injustice! I need as many of you as possible to harass this guy with e-mails, Twitter, anything you can do, I cannot allow something as wonderful as a cat to be killed for such foolishness. I have a link to the page with more information and it has his e-mail address.
# 3
BROTRR Discussion / ahhh, college
09-09-2009, 11:31:00 AM
So it's been awhile fellow BROTRRers but now I've gone to college and I'm having a great time. So I've been doing awesome things like exploring an abandoned quarry and cool buildings, but one thing is very important. I only took two games with me on my laptop, Sim City 3000, and................................ BIG RIGS OVER THE ROAD RACING!
# 4
At my school's post prom party, I went to the DJ and asked him if he had Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, and they did. About a half hour later they played it and everyone there was Rickroll'd. And I won a swing dance contest.
# 5
So I was bored at home on Monday so I went to watch the youtube. I clicked on what it said was a "Charlie the Unicorn 3" video but after abotu a minute of unicorns it went straight into the song. Later I was looking for the Saturday Night Live Episode with Sarah Palin and that video also turned out to be a Rickroll. Admiral Ackbar says "It's a trap!"
# 6
it's been awhile since the show but I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra when they were in D.C., totally awesome. Crazy metal versions of Christmas and classical music= :stamp:
# 7
Haven't been here in awhile bu I finally got high speed internet and I got a really nice model train from my grandparents for Christmas, anyone find it strange that I'm 17 and still play with model trains?
# 8
It's a bit of a story but today something amazing hapened. So there are some dudes at my school who drive the same way to school as me and usually end up behind me. I normally drive the speed limit and they whine about how I drive like a pussy all the time. Last Saturday after my school's homecoming dance they got stuck behind me and flew past me as soon as they could. Well today in my last class one of them complained about my driving and later passed me on the road on the way home and yelled "f**k you" at me. Not too long after that on the main road in front of my neighborhood I found them pulled over by some cops who set up radar there a lot. They're sitting there getting a ticket while I just roll on by at exactly the speed limit, sometimes it pays to be a dork. 
# 9
I decided today to go for a swim at the pool which was about a 20 minute drive away, after turning off a side road onto a major road (still two lanes out in the good ol' country where I was) a police officer came up behind me. I was like "okay not that unusual" but then I turned off onto a crappy narrow road through the woods and he turned onto the same road, he didn't turn his lights on but I still started to worry I was in trouble. I then reached the town where the pool was and he turned the same way on the main road through town, he also went the same way through the main intersection. I then turned into the pool parking lot and he did too and I'm like "Oh crap I'm in trouble now" so I stopped and he just went by. I parked my car and went into the pool and I saw the police officer in the locker room. Turns out somebody at the pool prank called 911 and it just happened by pure chance that I should end up in front of the cop who got sent to check it out.
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / meh... I love goats
21-08-2008, 21:54:09 PM
this summer I decided I needed to do something other than just sit at home all day like I did the past 3 summers, so I went and volunteered at a rescue farm for abused and abandoned animals, and there I discovered how awesome goats are. Their eyes look unfriendly but they are sooooooooooo nice, whenever I step into the field with them they come to me and are like bbaaaaahhhhaaaahh scratch my head
# 11
So there has been a change to one of my TV stations where I am and ABC added an HD channel that carries all the old shows from the 80's, the A-Team is on every night at 8:00, and I saw the episode with Hulk Hogan, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan teaming up and throwing mobsters out windows, almost as WINNER as Mr. T driving a Big Rig through a roadblock which he did on another amazingly WINNER episode :belair: :bidoof: :leek: :leek: :roddy: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :shaq: :bidoof: :belair: :roddy: :roddy:
# 12
So I just finished reading the book Don Quixote and I thought wow this book was amazingly funny and Don Quixote is an epic hero who fights for truth and justice, but what do y'all think?
# 13
If I ever get my hands on several million dollars, I plan to make a movie called Jellyfish, the basic premise would be that durign the Cold War the Soviets were experimenting with steroids to try and create super soldiers and one day a shipload of steroids sank in the Arctic, these steroids made the Arctic Jellyfish (also called Lion's Mane Jellyfish), which cna grow to over 100 feet long grow even larger, these superjellyfish would grow to 500 feet long and their tentacles would have ridiculous stinging power that could corrode holes through ships, these jellyfish would then start attacking and it would be a monster movie, sound WINNER anyone?
# 14
So I seemed to have left for good awhile ago but yesterday I played Big Rigs again and it was awesome and something came up that was jsut too WINNEr to leave alone, I have a game for the Wii called Ninjabread Man, OMGWTF amazing!
# 15
It's been years since I last posted on this site and I regret to announce this will probably be the last time I ever will. I still think Big Rigs is awesome and enjoy many WINNER things, but I am on to other things in the world and on a new quest. All of you have been great WINNERs and I have felt welcome here, but I've just seem to have lost interest in a lot of these things, so goodbye everbody I've got to go, gotta leave you all behind and face the truth (lol, Queen is awesome)
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