My first two truck edits
#1 04-02-2015, 14:28:28 PM

#2 04-02-2015, 14:46:29 PM
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Nice work, Flash :trophy:

#3 04-02-2015, 15:12:10 PM
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cool mods m8 :trophy:

#4 04-02-2015, 15:28:38 PM
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Ah cool, cool.  Not that sold on the name "Stinger" though, you should call it something more epic, like "DESTROYER" or AWESOME ONE".  What are you going to call the purple one?

Also, I can't help but notice the speedometer in your pic only goes up to 50mph.  I assume this is an error?  Otherwise, very WINNER.  :trophy:

#5 04-02-2015, 15:41:04 PM
Speedometer: Its part of the patched game. It bugs me that i can go through stuff on the original game.
Second Truck" Its actually pink, and its name is Hitman, after WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart.

#6 04-02-2015, 16:11:44 PM
Do you have any pics of the front? They look nice

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#7 04-02-2015, 16:25:12 PM
I don't. Im not sure how to get pics in the patched version without rotating the truck repeatedly.

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#8 05-02-2015, 16:12:17 PM
stinger is a cool name
the patched version is blasphemous horsepoo poo, tho

 cheers m8
#9 08-02-2015, 06:36:29 AM
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Its actually pink, and its name is Hitman, after WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart.
I love you and your mod quite a lot.

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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