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Thanks for the quick response, i'm looking over the tutorial and will give it a try. It's given me an idea to perhaps stay off the road and stick to the valleys where the cops will have less of a chance to see me. I can get through the roadblocks alright but it's them chasing me that is causing a problem. Will my rigs suspension take damage if I go offroad too much and will this impact the later stages of the game? I'd rather not use a camera cheat to spot them ahead of time as Naterdoo suggests I want to pass them the way the creators intended the game to be played.. No offense or anything but Naterdoo's method feels like a bit of an exploit or at least a grey area. Also will going on rough terrain damage your cargo and impact your score?
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Hey guys,

Just got the game and first of all I want to say I love it, I was really glad to find a community that is still active and discussing this great game. I'm using Megaone and seem to be having a problem keeping a way from the cops - I keep trying to run them off the road but that doesn't seem to work and i'm unable to even finish one race without getting pulled over and having my contraband seized. Could anyone offer some tips on how to get past the cops? I'd really like to get to the second map. Also is there a choice to haul legitimate , non illegal cargo so I don't have to worry about the police?

Thanks for the help in advance I really appreciate it!
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