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The chipotle cheetos would have been a lot better if they were actually smoky
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Announcements / SECRET SANTA 2018
15-11-2018, 23:30:14 PM

PM your address to me and I'll pair you all up.


The gift you send should be about $20.  I remembered in time this year!

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Gaming / Devil Engine demo LIVE ON STEAM
13-11-2018, 17:46:10 PM
I'm glad somebody else gave this a shot
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Are they Flamin Hot or XXXtra Hot?
# 5
Lost a lot of respect for steev today
# 6
Do they only come in share size? Asking for a friend
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Welcome to another snack thread!

Yesterday I had a bag of these new(?) Cheetos. I'm not convinced anything labeled chipotle actually tastes anything like chipotle, but these were pretty good. Once I got through a few of them, they just started to taste like regular Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Would buy again (Y)
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do u guys like these

they're basically the same as peanut m&ms


They're basically the same as peanut m&ms. Some of them kind of tasted like coffee I guess. Not sure how I felt about the various shades of brown.
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Meep returned to his home planet
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I hope meep is okay
# 12
Meep, ignore zigs as usual

Tell us more
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Sports / Brazil dun goofed
31-10-2018, 08:36:55 AM
we have always been 100% for online harassment

Shut the fetch up, moron
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Hi meep
# 15
Sexy unarmed black teenager shot by police officer (only works if white and in blackface)
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