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WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
01-11-2017, 15:29:14 PM
the sim card I have is a large-sized one, and yeah if I buy this Motorola phone i'll have to ask TalkTalk for a smaller sim card.  I'm just wondering if/when they do find out, they'll give me a large back-dated bill, so i'm trying to be careful with it still.  but right now, it's great  :stalin: :stalin: :stalin:
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Social/Off-Topic / EJ sucks
31-10-2017, 13:55:25 PM
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WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
31-10-2017, 13:54:17 PM
...well, when i say cheap...

There's something I hesitate to say, because I don't want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, but i doubt there are any TalkTalk employees here at YW anyway, so...

Something has happened with the billing on my contract, and i've literally paid 0 for about 8 months now.  It all started when TalkTalk was hacked by a couple of teenagers for a laugh (they were caught, and no important data was stolen - so i've been told anyway); TalkTalk gave me a one year free mobile phone contract as a way of saying "thanks" for staying with them, but when the contract expired this February, every bill has still been 0, no matter how many phone calls etc I make
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WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
31-10-2017, 13:49:27 PM
The Amazon Fire tablets are looking OK right now

I also need a new phone, thinking the Motorola G4 (purchase outright, along with my current cheap contract)
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BROTRR Discussion / Modding Guide for BROTRR
31-10-2017, 13:42:00 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / b sucks
31-10-2017, 13:41:25 PM
Yeah, leave him b
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Social/Off-Topic / bjorno in seattle
10-09-2017, 05:16:23 AM
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I'm not a big fan of Edward Snowden TBH
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
06-08-2017, 13:07:38 PM
Thinking of buying the Motorola G3 (2016) Android phone, just so I can use all of Steev's :stamp: apps
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Announcements / 10 years
06-08-2017, 13:05:36 PM
most things happen on the Discord channel now, but this is still a WINNER place which attracts lots of people over the internet.  10 years of WINNER!

 :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :roddy: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :bluerig: :ballin: :ballin: :ballin: :pika: :usa: :canada: :uk: :portugal: :estonia: :finland: :csa: :quebec: :rigcon: :rigcon: :rigcon: :toot: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :trophy2: :cool:
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Social/Off-Topic / We'll never hit 250k posts
05-08-2017, 16:48:36 PM
frick YEAH!
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To make Cirus happy i've watched ANOTHER HUGE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE: Thor: The Dark World!

I was expecting a mediocre action flick, but was pleasantly surprised with something a bit better.  Dark Elves fight to gain some weird swirly red-thing, lots of things explode with lasers and swords and spacecraft and poo poo.  Cool fight scene at the end with lots of portals to different planets.  A little bit of story and character building in-between.
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
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BONE TOMAHAWK:  Western, mild horror.  Some men go hunting to find a couple of kidnapped people.  Details their struggles, conflicting characters and the strange enemy they face.  The harshness of frontier life which changes the way some people think and act to the extreme.  Kurt Russell is always great in Westerns.  Movie is fairly good.
 :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
22-07-2017, 14:46:20 PM
yeah but I wanted to use Steev's
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