Roguelike Topic
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No details cool

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waz don't like spoilers

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Waz comments: "To do the it's-like-X+Y+Z thing, I'd probably say it's FTL+The Sims+Star Trek TNG. I should to post a screenshot somewhere, though I can't think where would be appropriate."

Player-created space ships, procedurally-generated galaxy as backdrop to built-in and community-generated adaptive storylines, autonomous characters driven by loose player direction.

sounds totally reasonable, I'm sure this game will be complete and enjoyable within our lifetimes

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#544 18-08-2017, 00:26:37 AM
He's making Star Citizen

#545 Yesterday at 22:12:48
every couple years or so there's some synapse that fires in my head that demands i start going down the road of Angband, which i do, and then to various variants, and i go in depth in them for a week or two, and then all of a sudden it stops and i'm done

same thing happens with old SNES RPGs, but in either case, man is it some fun times

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