Just watched STAR WARS 7
#16 19-01-2016, 21:24:18 PM
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I enjoyed it despite being a near-remake of new hope and totally squandering the opportunities presented by its flavor of death star clone

I like the bad guy though.  I REALLY like him.

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star wars 7 was the best movie experience ive ever had even tho i went myself im gonna share it with you

i booked an IMAX showing at 1230 pm (only one that had good seats

finished my last exam at 10pm the night before and went to sleep at 3 am dreaming of x-wings and lightsabres

when i got up the next morning i couldnt wait, my knees were shaking from the excitement. i immediately rolled a giant blunt (govt is banning flavored cigars  RIP my blunts) and smoked it on my way to the movie theatre. excellent walk and sesh, it was pleasant and id love to do it again one day 10/10. then i got some nachos, a bag of popcorn, and a drink

when the movie started i didnt even care there that i was sitting between two obese guys because my eyes were glued to the screen i was leaning forward so much. in the scene when the millenium factor flew through the star destroyer i just had the bigggest grin on my face dude. i had to check myself because the movie was just too good, then i realized i was actually grinning the entire movie up to this point. the action, the cinemtaography, the lasers shooting everywhere against the giant back drop of the star destroyer was epic. it was truly a visual feast.

the movie never stopped owning. kylo ren owns, rey owns, everyone owned

#18 20-01-2016, 00:51:33 AM
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i love the millennium factor

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