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Pro Wrestling / POST
10-10-2016, 18:17:10 PM
Yesterday I cooked a steak. That's pretty much it.
# 2
Gaming / Who here prepurchased Deus Ex
22-08-2016, 20:30:44 PM
I don't pre-purchase games but I might get it after a while, I did like the original and HR
# 3
Social/Off-Topic / No Mans Sky: #disgrace
15-08-2016, 19:59:34 PM
I'll post more for free
# 4
Linux Gaming / Stardew Valley -20% on GOG
16-07-2016, 14:35:37 PM
I played this, it's fun, but I also played Harvest Moon back in the day so
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / UK - EU Referendum vote
13-07-2016, 16:37:19 PM

Love how quick people spun all sorts of tracks like this together
# 6
Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016
04-07-2016, 22:21:01 PM
only thing I bought during the entire sale was Bioshock Infinite, not disappointed
# 7
WINNER Help / Upgrading my PC
04-07-2016, 22:20:03 PM
false, you never apologize to your wife for buying PC parts
# 8
I know I say this every time a topic like this comes up and it's been at this point 5-6 years since they posted but to this day I still remember Oswyn

Come back, Oswyn

And while we're at it, Namclone needs to come down from the heavens and bless us too
# 9
Great video
# 10
WINNER Help / Upgrading my PC
13-05-2016, 17:30:10 PM
When I built a computer last year I just got a 256GB one because the only thing that's going to run on it is the OS, a handful of programs, and a a smaller handful of whatever games I'm playing or want to play at the moment - no need to have your whole Steam catalogue installed just because you can, you know?
# 11
WINNER Help / Upgrading my PC
12-05-2016, 15:35:05 PM
I will Nth everyone else's suggestion and say get at least a 970 if you need a card right stat now and otherwise wait for the newest one to come out
# 12
Saw that the other day. Crazy stuff.
# 13
Gaming / This New Vegas mod looks insane
03-04-2016, 21:28:30 PM
Looks interesting, it'd give me a reason to reinstall NV at least
# 14
Social/Off-Topic / 1st of April
01-04-2016, 15:20:48 PM
love the update, keep up the good work!
# 15
gonna bash all the things
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