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Social/Off-Topic / The 900
Today at 11:12:13
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
Today at 04:06:24
1.9.5 rolling out

Big changes:
* Added 15 second timeout when attempting to login. If idle daddy doesn't get a response in that time he will show an error. This should end the endless spinner problem once and for all (though I'm still not sure why Steam doesn't respond sometimes :thinking:)

* Tablet daddy
On 7+ inch tablets in landscape mode, idle daddy will use this innovative 2Pain layout instead of the usual navigation drawer. Kinda pointless but I think google play gives special treatment to "optimized for tablets" apps so maybe this will get me more downloads.

* Offline farming setting no longer requires restart
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
18-08-2017, 10:42:52 AM
1.9.4 rolling out

* Now shows remaining game/card drop count in the app while farming. The UI still isn't the best, but whatev
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Social/Off-Topic / We'll never hit 250k posts
17-08-2017, 22:01:27 PM
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
16-08-2017, 08:57:31 AM
waz don't like spoilers
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 17:06:18 PM
Waz comments: "To do the it's-like-X+Y+Z thing, I'd probably say it's FTL+The Sims+Star Trek TNG. I should to post a screenshot somewhere, though I can't think where would be appropriate."
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 17:03:04 PM
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 16:54:18 PM
Current main version is from January last year. "Modding beta"  (basically just custom classes) came January this year but still isn't in the main branch.

Waz did mention he's working on another game.
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
14-08-2017, 16:30:52 PM
My friend @whatusername says to play DCSS

Roguelikes I've beaten:
WazHack (all classes)
DoomRL (ez mode only) (doesn't count)

WazHack is good but held back by being closed source and no longer actively developed. Only playing FOSS roguelikes from now on
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@Skrag please review this full movie on youtube
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Gaming / Idle Daddy
09-08-2017, 04:25:49 AM
1.9.1 rolling out

This release just updates the internal server list for SteamKit, which hasn't been updated in over a year! I think that's what was causing the infamous "infinite spinner" problem for some people. Idle Daddy would be talking to a dead server and never get a response, kinda like how Filipa never got a response from ZIGS (I'm joking :joy: :joy:)
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
08-08-2017, 23:23:38 PM
Plus if your numpad breaks from  playing too many roguelikes it's cheaper to replace an external one than buying a whole new keyboard
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
08-08-2017, 23:13:45 PM
In citrus defense I actually enjoyed the smaller keyboard in my Dell Mini 10v a lot. Less finger movement really easy to type Alt+SysReq+reisub (secret Linux command) plus it was just nice to type on. Maybe I just have baby hands idk
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
08-08-2017, 19:23:32 PM
when i move to a chromebook which replaces capslock with a google search key, i'm gonna buy a capslock key pad
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