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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
18-06-2017, 23:17:43 PM
only 20 more downloads until one of my apps reaches 69. I don't really expect to get there though. We'll see...

You posted too early, this is 69s only.
# 2
Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
18-06-2017, 23:14:55 PM
I'm not feeling enough WINNER ! today and that worries me a lot. :bidoof:
:stamp: :roddy: :belair: :bluerig: :stalin: :thumbsup: :trophy: :texan: :mj: :winner: :rocky: :ballin: :barneykiss:
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Social/Off-Topic / Cuck, cuck, cuck
16-06-2017, 13:42:06 PM
This topic proves we've never been better
You sure? I bet this could be a lot BIGGER and RIGGIER.
# 4
Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
16-06-2017, 13:36:52 PM
I'm not feeling enough WINNER ! today and that worries me a lot. :bidoof:
# 5
When we're all rich from cryptocurrency, we'll send a few bucks your way, @Santi640
<3 <3 <3
# 6
That's a WINNER idea, but I don't even have a credit card. Yeah I'm that poor.
# 7
Discord is the best MMO where you can find us all!
But it's not a game.
# 8
Title says it all. And no, I don't like (and can't afford anyway) Playerunknown Battlegrounds. :bidoof: :stalin:
# 9
RIP Sonic, RIP Resident Evil, RIP Silent Hill, RIP Need for Speed, RIP Rayman, RIP Every fricking serie I love.
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / The love letter
29-05-2017, 05:11:49 AM
Haha, you guys are a bunch of losers. I've never made a fool of myself because no girl has ever shown interest in me. >:)
# 11
I like the BROTRR OST
# 12
Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
26-05-2017, 00:34:52 AM
Now that I have a car with a digital speedometer, I think about this topic every time I reach 69 mph.  I can't take a picture though!!
Use some tape and then record a video. Isn't that :stamp: ?
# 13
Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
25-05-2017, 06:20:39 AM
Now that I think about it it could be  :stamp: If you highlight or something the 69, because looking in all that text is  :loser: . I'll give a try to this topic the next time I find a 69.
# 14
Rig Rigs: Rigger the Rig Rigging :stamp:
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
23-05-2017, 12:23:13 PM
This is not WINNER !, sorry.
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