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you guys didn't get my really funny joke

#17 27-06-2014, 20:58:45 PM
I got it. Here was my reaction: :laugh:

#18 27-06-2014, 20:59:46 PM
here's my reaction: GET ON fetchING SWATCH TIME

lana_chan my name is erin
#19 27-06-2014, 21:44:50 PM
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nah if anything we'd use unix epoch time

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Bob Cobra
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With all of my human guilt, I do see T.H.U.N.D.E.R.'s point. Not all species have ten fingers to count on. I suggest we all switch to a binary representation of seconds out of the day, represented in ASCII as filled shapes and hollow shapes. (Insignificant digits may be omitted.) We should also only post in Esperanto, with only capital Roman characters for Commodore computer compatibility.

MIA TEMPO ESTAS ■■□□□■□□■■■□□□

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shut up, thunder

#22 28-06-2014, 03:56:46 AM
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oh okay thunder

"Bob Cobra has sent you 1000 Rigcoins. If they left a message explaining why, it will be below:

 I think we got off to a bad start. In the final years of my life, I would like to post on an Internet forum where people share my sense of humor and unique sexual tastes. I will take any excuse I can to post. I don't know why you hate Thunder so much, but I like his style and I hope to see him on this site at some point. His software is most impressive and his insults are usually witty and to the point. If he antagonized you, fine. I have pushed you around a bit myself. If it is a question of ego, I do not understand what you have to be proud of, other than being an American. You are a wonderful piece of poo poo. Please don't hate me or mute me."

#23 28-06-2014, 08:24:30 AM
Why are Thunder, T.H.U.N.D.E.R, Bob Cobra, and Keenan Wendler Shaw all trying to push steev around?

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