Preparing to switch to Windows 10, some questsion:
#32 20-08-2016, 21:48:54 PM
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First screenshot of yourewinner app for Windows 10

#34 20-08-2016, 23:23:54 PM
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I'm back home on Linux

Using LVM on LUKS so my setup is more secure than it was before. If someone stole my laptop before they would have access to ALL my data including my account, so this Windows 10 experiment was worth it. I don't have anything bad to say about it all.

bjorno the hedgehog
#35 05-09-2016, 19:14:23 PM
whats wrong with windows 9

 cheers m8
#36 05-09-2016, 20:04:45 PM
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#37 05-09-2016, 22:24:30 PM
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Glad you bumped this, anyone got a fix for the Powershell DSC and implicit remoting??? Microsoft says I gotta wait until next week but i need it NOW

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