Preparing to switch to Windows 10, some questsion:
#1 19-08-2016, 14:59:41 PM
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1. What is the best way to crack Windows 10 and still get security updates?

2. What do you use to encrypt your hard drive, if not BitLocker?

3. Recommended tweaks for MAX privacy?

4. Recommended UWP apps?

5. What is your solution for redundant OFFLINE backups of your data?

6. Preferred scripting language?

7. Best version of Visual Studio?

8. Anybody using ReFS? Do you like it????

I'll probably add more!!

#3 19-08-2016, 18:46:15 PM
I run CCleaner from the same british company that made Prison Architect 9 times a day but I asked on the forum and they said my harddrive can never truly be clean :belair:

#4 19-08-2016, 19:00:28 PM
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#5 19-08-2016, 19:26:06 PM
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Does anybody have a signed WDDM 2.0 driver for Intel Sandybridge graphics? Intel says it's not supported anymore :running:

#6 19-08-2016, 19:40:02 PM
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Hey how do I set up Active Directory and what does it do? :belair:

#7 19-08-2016, 19:48:21 PM
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How to perform a lookup on a Windows DHCP server from powershell?

#10 19-08-2016, 20:27:41 PM
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idk what terminal is that? i use terminator

#12 19-08-2016, 21:37:03 PM
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lol, EJ check this out

#13 19-08-2016, 22:28:18 PM
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my great aunt just fbed this :running:

#14 20-08-2016, 15:25:35 PM
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ok I backed up my best saves to the Steev Cloud I think I'm ready to make the switch

I'll be documenting the process for other Linux users who may want to switch

#15 20-08-2016, 15:45:41 PM
I was not given a choice to upgrade. I went to sleep and when I woke up I was told Cortana upgraded me automatically. Disgrace  :belair:

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