The hashtag taking over the world: #BeatUpJohnCena
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It all started here

Styles: "What are you going to do for Christmas?"
Anderson: "I'm gonna wrap some presents with my hot Asian wife, and then I'm gonna #BeatUpJohnCena !"

Here's a best of compilation

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I'm not really feeling this whole #BeatUpJohnCena thing. Cena's been promoing circles around Styles & Co, and you know something's really fetched up when I'm declaring Cena is better at something than an indy darling. Putting him with Enzo and Cass is only going to widen the promo gap.

The Club storyline in general has really been kind of lackluster IMHO. You can tell they tried this whole thing on RAW because "lukewarm NWO knockoff" is basically RAW's favorite flavor, and the NXT crowd would have called shenanigans on the whole "big in Japan" thing pretty much immediately (not that they weren't, just that guys like Balor & Styles don't strictly speaking actually NEED bully angles and guys like fetching FESTUS to get over as good performers).

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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