Chyna Is Dead
#1 22-04-2016, 14:12:53 PM
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Confession time: I didn't watch much wrestling during the much-lauded "Attitude Era" because most of it was obnoxious pandering and weaksauce attempts to ape WCW. However in all that crap there was a glowing diamond - Chyna, a woman who competed with men. It wasn't done before in WWE, hasn't really been done since, and thanks to some decisions which are only unfortunate because Americans is prudes, we know for a fact that she was indeed all woman.

She deserves a lot more respect and compassion than The Levesque Administration gave her before her death, and hopefully they will see fit to posthumously get her into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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#2 22-04-2016, 20:57:50 PM
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That's pretty cool, she should be honored. I don't follow wrestling but the whole Diva thing has seemed so demeaning

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