An Homage to Big Rigs
#1 28-07-2015, 18:15:45 PM
I posted this a while back on the Big Rigs board on GameFAQs, but I don't think that anyone on this site has seen it.
A friend of mine called me the other day and asked me if I wanted to join them and watch an anime with them and their friends. I decided to go, since my previous plans had been cancelled. I got there a couple minutes after it started, the main character and his sister were playing a chess game against some mysterious messenger. After a long period of time, they finally put their opponent into checkmate, and this message pops up:

Incredible, isn't it? I never knew that Big Rigs had an effect on the east, since it was never released outside of the US. It's nice to know that there are dedicated members of the BROTRRhood willing to hunt down this incredibly rare game.

#2 28-07-2015, 18:59:31 PM
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Wow, you've found the only good thing about anime, congratulations!

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The important forum for this forum helped me to get more education.

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The important forum for this forum helped me to get more education.

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