Wrestling explained(?)
#1 16-03-2015, 22:10:54 PM
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One of our wrestling experts will have to check this for accuracy, but I thought this video was pretty funny and informative:

#2 16-03-2015, 22:16:49 PM
Yes, this is the newest video making the rounds, made by Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis.  As you can see from star-studded cast and cameos (including Macaulay Culkin, Jamie Hyneman, and Adam Savage, to name a few) wrestling is more than what it seems.  It isn't wrestling.  The video itself serves a parody of the rise of one the most popular and controversial wrestlers -- Triple H.

#3 16-03-2015, 23:19:20 PM
I have stickied this topic.  The video is in the "must watch" category.

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we really need mods to be able to assign flair to topics like on reddit. For ex:

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I would assign CRINGE to every topic i don't like :twisted:

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Watched the whole video, it was pretty cool :belair:

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