Does this look like 3000$ worth of damage?
#1 16-10-2014, 20:07:29 PM
Absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to countersue.

bjorno the hedgehog
#2 17-10-2014, 15:34:00 PM
thunder is considerate enough to not cause any undue property damage.

 cheers m8
#3 28-03-2015, 14:48:04 PM
Too bad the ultimate traffic stopper is right there next to you, hell probably lie in court since BIG RIGS are his enemy

#4 23-04-2015, 16:35:36 PM
it may cause damage, but everyone knows all Big Rigs are equipped with a phasing engine that allows them to pass through walls, bridges, buildings, and other obstructions.

Why race off the road when you can race over it?
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