I feel like I've been left behind...
#1 16-08-2014, 21:01:30 PM
I stayed back at GameFAQS to continue the never ending struggle against the forces of LOSER ! Unfortunately, it seems like many of the great WINNERS have left us. Is there a chance that there will be a glorious return? Will the inevitable second coming of Stell cause everyone to regather? I am not sure when, or if, everyone will return, but if some people here could even briefly make some topics or responses on the Big Rigs board it would be a great help. Lastly, always remember, YOU'RE WINNER !

#2 16-08-2014, 21:02:50 PM
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Man, I haven't been on the gamefaqs' board IN YEARS

#3 16-08-2014, 21:25:59 PM
It's not as active as it used to be, but it still has devoted Rigists who visit on a daily basis. We have a topic about the tricks we've pulled off after jumping off the ramp in Nightride. It's really incredible.

#4 16-08-2014, 22:27:15 PM
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No child left behind

#5 16-08-2014, 23:01:20 PM
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wow it's like reading the forums from eight years ago

truly this is the land time forgot

Dissident International Anti-Furry Organization
#6 17-08-2014, 00:19:30 AM
wow and it looks almost exactly the same :O

#7 17-08-2014, 00:21:53 AM
but also I never went to a full fledged big rigs convention with any of those guys so screw gamefaqs

bjorno the hedgehog
#8 17-08-2014, 03:18:36 AM
wtf is a gamefack

 cheers m8
#9 17-08-2014, 09:03:39 AM
The RIGconquista


#10 17-08-2014, 13:26:51 PM
The Superman 64 board is still really active, but the mods there are really strict and have a habit of deleting topics. The board got modstriked last year and we lost about twenty topics.

I feel like the boards are going through a drought. Everything was much more active last year, but everything is slowing down now. I hope that this will soon pass and the boards will return to their former glory.

#11 25-08-2014, 13:41:14 PM
Ohaithar, Splicer.

#12 25-08-2014, 19:12:49 PM
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GameFAQs doesn't have enough innovative features to keep my interest

#13 27-08-2014, 19:04:35 PM
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I'll go back when GameFAQs has image usernames

#14 28-08-2014, 14:16:24 PM
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GameFAQs isn't WINNER enough to have image usernames, those LOSERS couldn't even conceive the idea

#15 04-09-2014, 13:47:31 PM
Ohaithar, Splicer.

Hey, Zednark! You still show up from time to time. Glad to see you here.

Unfortunately, everything is slowing down on the Big Rigs board again. I wish that the community would have some kind of revival.

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