Feedback: YW is kinda gay
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smh dissident always scroogling me

this is why cirus doesn't trust you with the ftp passwords!!

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Let me post something for juxtaposition. And I think it's pretty easy to read.

On another forum I felt I was so mean to someone else (60+ year old guy) that if someone said it to me, and if it were true as is the case for said guy, it would have made me cry. Maybe it's just me, and I feel bad, but by comparison YW is a great place to be a member of and I'm thanful to be here. I don't understand why anyone would want to leave. It's the internet. Use it and have fun with it.


I did show it to a friend of mine and he said he wouldn't have said "sorry" at the end as I did.

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i am 60 years old

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It's hard for to gauge if that guy is a complete idiot or a complete asshole. What I don't want to be known for is making fun of someone for their lack of education. He also admitted that going back to school wasn't an option for him.

A long time ago he got into an argument with a moderator on a science board and these were some of her comments. Of course I was involved but remained mute at the time.

If that was not bad enough, you then took it further with a post that could be taken either way and made sure to tell Beer to climb on your "loverocket" and you stupidly assumed that just because you posted a song to go with it, that it was somehow acceptable and on topic and perhaps you felt it would not constitute of sexual harassment of another member. Wrong. Very very wrong.

And it gets even worse. You quote your sexual harassment post one more time to drive the point home. Because telling Beer to look after her pussy, to climb on your love rocket and that you liked oral sex and anal porn was just not enough for you, you decided to explain your posting the video and to see if Beer would get "horny" as you do watching it:

Here's one just before he got banned.

Posting content in which underage children are sexualized in any aspect is akin to opening Pandora's box, especially with the newest additions to cybercrime laws. It is something this website has decided it does not wish to dally in and as such, it will not be tolerated. Period. Full stop, no discussion.

The video in question was directed towards me.


An so, Rowdy was upset over an embedded mp3???

I should baby rate him now lol

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