There should not be an offside rule in soccer/football/fútbol
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Imagine all the great strategies that could come as a result.  Discuss.

EDIT: This has apparently been at least marginally considered before.

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This is the DUMBEST topic I have EVER seen, WOW

I appreciate that you didn't call it "offsides" rule though

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i don't get this

like, make a cage around it so the ball doesn't go out?

lana_chan my name is erin
#5 29-06-2013, 21:19:38 PM
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i don't get this

like, make a cage around it so the ball doesn't go out?

Basically it would allow players to move FREELY anywhere in the field without being penalized for being "ahead" of the opposite side's defense.  Libertarian soccer.  I wasn't thinking about the cage idea, but that's also great  :belair:

bjorno the hedgehog
#6 29-06-2013, 23:57:35 PM
it really is the most annoying rule

 cheers m8
#9 30-06-2013, 12:31:39 PM
hijacking this to also call for an end to in-play timeouts in basketball when players get boxed in

#10 30-06-2013, 19:07:13 PM
congratulations youve finally found a way to makes strikers even lazier

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