Might be old, but relevent. SERGEY TITOV SPEAKS!
#1 26-06-2013, 03:26:25 AM

This just in:
Campers are non-heterosexual persongots.

But that's ok, because conformity and gay sex, and all that jazz.
#2 28-06-2013, 01:36:14 AM
I personally LOVE the gays!

#3 02-07-2013, 15:00:25 PM
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We need to make a collection of everything Sergey Titov says, so this WINNER information can be passed down to future generations.  "It kind of sucks to be Darth Vader" for instance, is valuable information and must be preserved for all time

#4 19-03-2014, 19:09:02 PM
If you can't break the time-space continuum by going backwards in War Z, I have little interest in it.

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