The ground
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It is a limiting thing. You can only go forwards, backwards, left, right, and I found that you can go up as well. But the ground just seems like a barrier. It leaves you wondering what good things can you find under the floor. However, I have found something that will change your perspective, forever!

"What's this? I don't see anything." you may be asking. Well look more closely, there is, in fact, a big rig embedded into the floor. That's right, riggers, the ground does NOT limit the rig any longer. No more feeling sad that you can't go through the floor. No more feeling sad that the grey void is the only way to get over the road. This is just groundbreaking for Big Rigs physics!(Hehe, puns)

How do we get such results? I honestly have to say that these results are hard to get. You have to find the right tree and drive at such an angle that your rig goes underground. Just play around with it and maybe you will be able to replicate this.

Going underground brings me to a new point: flying. Is it possible? YES! It is! Take a look at these two pictures:

Look at these two pictures. They tell you that the big rig is flying. They are at the exact same scale which means they are at the exact same height and if that's true, then the big rig is flying.

Now that we can make a big rig go underground and fly. What's our next steps? I believe it's time for space. We dream of space travel but can it really be possible? I believe with these steps, we could get to space in no time:
1. Implement Big Rigs physics into the real world
2. Plant loads of trees
3. Have a rig climb a tree
4. Launch it downwards at infinite speeds.
5. Break the ground and go through space.

I think this might work and if it does, we not only have a breakthrough in Big Rigs, but we also have a breakthrough in science!

I hope this helps because all of you are  :stamp:

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This is amazing and I am crying tears of WINNER. Fantastic job fellow BROTRRer!

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WINNER !  :stamp:  :roddy:  :trophy:

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There is one problem: we cannot implement physics on our own, as none of us are deities.

Other than that,  :bluerig: :stamp: :thumbsup: :winner: :rocky: :ballin: :mrtwinner: :youreman: :trophy: :roddy:

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There wasn't any limits in big rigs to begin with

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what about the sky?

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GROUND breaking!  :roddy:

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