Ah, maybe I can ask a stupid question.
#1 13-05-2012, 08:14:56 AM
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It happens to be a true story, however.

I downloaded a movie called "Lesbian Vampire Killers." Thinking it was about lesbian vampires that go around killing people. But it turned out to be about people going around killing lesbian vampires.

Is it only the fault of the title being ambiguous or is it mine for being illiterate?


#2 13-05-2012, 12:24:34 PM
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you should have read the "Lesbian Vampire Killers" wikipedia article

#3 13-05-2012, 22:23:40 PM
Well from just the title it could be either!!!! And either could be great I suppose!!!!!

bjorno the hedgehog
#4 13-05-2012, 23:09:29 PM
I almost watched it on the SCIFI channel but then I did not. TRU STORY
And to answer your question, the title is ambiguous,.

 cheers m8
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