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Gaming / Magic: The Gathering
10-05-2015, 14:57:56 PM
I've started playing this lately too.

Are you sure you play it, or as they had said about in Russia, it plays you?  I got in and out of Magic 3 times in my life, and now am out.  After my legacy card deck got slaughter by newer cards (Hydra and Corrosive Ooze, I think, being two weapons of doom for me), I am done with the game.  I just can't, as someone who designs games, and am trying connect with others, be tied to a single game.  I want to operate under a "rule of 5" to have a different set of 5-7 games for every possible situation.
# 17
The Demo Day stuff on my channel NEVER goes right.  In this case "goes right" is, at the minimum, "goes as expected".  I found if I don't label the Demo Day videos with "Gone Wrong", and just have "Demo Day", and it goes as unexpected, it ticks off people, so I have to label the videos as (Gone Wrong).  There was a time where I decided to do a video where I turned a channel a guy does where he runs through how to play different boardgames, into an endless runner game, and I got a bunch of thumb's down.  So now, the idea is to watch the videos to see how they go wrong.  My labeling it "(Gone Wrong)" help to cut down most of the thumb's down.

At the very least now, the videos are a failed attempt at humor.
# 18
In this video, I look at the Ultimate Defensive Strategy applied to chess.  Use this strategy, and you are pretty much assured your opponent can't win.  There are risks with using this strategy though.

Anyhow, here is the video:

By the way, please note that this video is an attempt at humor (likely failed attempt).
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Gaming / Why Neo Geo?
23-04-2015, 23:59:37 PM
I look at the good points of the Neo Geo, and my memories, in this video:

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Gaming / Anatomy of an Atari fanboy...
17-04-2015, 00:14:46 AM
I did this video for my YouTube channel on how I became a fanboy of Atari back in the day.  Feel free to watch and comment if you relate (or don't).

Thank you for your time. And here is the video:

# 21
This is a good video.  I want you to know I gave your video a THUMBS UP.  I like the Steam Greenlight reference because it's pretty darn accurate.


I know with my game W.W.B, for example, you go horrible, you can get attention (W.W.B went viral on Boardgame Geek, and I am clear it horrible, as an example of how NOT to design a boardgame).  So, the end result is that people now do stuff that is intentionally horrible, and hope to score.  It doesn't even fit into the same class that Big Rigs, which has produced this website.  I had figured that Big Rigs would do this, and I did try to start a Yahoo group on it, but it never took off.  I am glad this did.

Update: I am also sorry I am not on here as much.  I have way too much stuff I need to get to, that theoretically somehow translate into money somewhere, but isn't now.
# 22

Winners are.  I also realized if I made any mention of winners do or don't do, it goes right into NSFW.  Ugh.
# 23
Big Rigs is controversial, but we all know it is epic.  So, I figured I would do a video on the game, and discussing its epicness.  In order to appear remotely sane to people to the masses, that doesn't understand, I had to show some agreement that it was seen as a failure, but I do call it an epic and try to tell those who try to copy the epicness of Big Rigs that they will fail.  It takes special talent to make a Big Rigs or Shaq Fu, etc... and to think you can just do it (yes, I at pointing at the Steam Greenlighters out there), they are mistaken.

Anyhow, here is the video:

A link to this site is in the description.
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Well, if this thread is going to go down the route of unconnected videos (outside of maybe Superbowl ad related), I now feel a need to go and post Dennis Hopper, in a ref's uniform saying "Bad things man":

# 25
I thought this ad was pretty cool:

# 26
I call it The WINNER Song. I'm not sure how long it will last, since the mods are LOSER quite often, so check it out while it lasts.

NEWEST?  So you are doing a bunch of them?  Are we to expect a BROTTR musical or opera (like Teeko has: any time soon?

At least get a music video done.  Hey, if Chess can get something, so can BROTTR!



# 27
Either they are doing a Minecraft clone or they have gone into doing remodeling:

Anyone know what is up here?

# 28
SuperTuxKart? Does it involve Linux or are the trucks dressed up in suits for a cotillion?
# 29
So, I tried to do a YouTube video on The Ultimate Driving Game, and was trying to say something BUT BROTRR is it, and the video did NOT go well...

My camera went wacky  I repent here! Sorry everyone.
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Gaming / I am Bread
08-12-2014, 23:02:30 PM
Francis plays "I Am Bread":

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