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# 106
Ok, I have a confession.  I believe BROTRR has so much WIN that I feel I am not worthy to even be in the same room as it.  I feel I need to have reverence from it from a distance. 
# 107
I'm the guy from amazon

Well, I am the Walrus. goo goo gajoob

Actually, I might be the Eggman.  I get the two confused.  If I am the Walrus, then you are the Eggman.
# 108
for backwards mormons

Is a backwards mormon a nomrom or a snomrom?
# 109
Just wondering if Riggists might want to get together sometime to raise money for a charitable cause.  It might be a good way for the way of BROTRR to get additional publicity, and actually do additional good.  This is a good way to be WINNER.

Anyhow, yes this was just an attempt for me to have the subject header for this thread.
# 110
Review should be on the way soon.  I will post a link to the review when it is good to go.
# 111

That is my question: If you succeed at trying to lose, do you break the way of Rigism?
# 112
Rigism for Orthodox.  That could be Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians or anything Orthodox, including people with the name Orthodox, or people who refuse to defy convention.
# 113
In anti-checkers, you win the game by meeting the losing conditions of normal checkers.  That means that you win by losing.  So, if you try to do what is losing and you succeed, does that break the way of Rigism?
# 114
OT means over-time or off-topic.  Or it could me going overtime being offtopic.  And I think this is may be what happens when the amount of WIN can't be containted.
# 115
BROTRR Discussion / Re: YOU'RE WINNER !
21-03-2010, 21:54:31 PM
This is so full of WIN it can't be contained.  What happens when the amount of WIN can't be contained?  I ask, because my words fail me to describe what is happening now.
# 116
BROTRR Discussion / Re: BROTRR isnt good...
21-03-2010, 21:51:38 PM
I am up for a 10/10 for it on Goes-to-11, but I can't have it go OVER 9000.  Sorry.
# 117
The DS Retro Game Challenge for the DS is FULL OF WIN!  There are a number of real good FAUX retro games in there.
# 118
Hey all.

I don't want to violate terms and conditions here, but I will say that my profile has the URL link to the review blog site.  The basics of the blog is it is only WIN.  We only say good things.  Because of this, I think it would be good of a fan from here writing a review of Big Rigs.  The final score will be 10/10.  Anyone care to write a review I could put up?  I would definitely like it to be a plug for this site here.   The review is very short, so people can read it in less than a minute.

Please let me know if anyone wants to help.  The Pros section is why you explain why Big Rigs is full of WIN.  We don't list anything that is LOSER about it, if it had any.

The format would work like this (this is a review of Yakuza 3 from the site):

Review: Yakuza 3
Genre: 3rd Person Adventure
System: PS3 (Japanese PS3 version)
Reviewer: A.J.B. (Can also put plug for website URL here)

Summary: Go back to Japan to teach the rival Yakuza gangs who’s boss!

*Karaoke and Claw Machines
*Fast food and getting drunk
*Fist fights instead of gunfights
*Random fights with street punks
*Ninja weapons!
*No English!

Final Score: 10/10
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