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Many, many jewels for manly, manly men.
# 62
on video pages, if you want to view comments by pages, its simply not possible.
# 63
I guess the site site layout is controlled by a cookie. I reset my youtube cookies and it reverted for like 20 minutes.
# 64
Mine has looked like this for a couple of months
I remember back when I first made this thread, and I was the only one. and then it changed back to the good one. and now it once again sucks dick.
# 65
Quote from: admins
I was going to perform Administrative duties, but then I got high
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Social/Off-Topic / Voice search is coming
06-12-2012, 20:24:19 PM
No wonder they call you steev.
# 67
What? Have you not gotten it again? because it's significantly different, actually.
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Social/Off-Topic / my driving exam
06-12-2012, 11:18:40 AM
My driver instructor was at least 80 years old, and he was the gym instructor & at my high school.
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Gaming / My Better Fallout 3 Story
05-12-2012, 04:30:32 AM
So Micro SD support for a Android tablet and a JAVIKS'D post ratings, among others, are simply gawbage? Zman or AHB could have such ideas and even then, they'd still be bad?
# 71
Social/Off-Topic / droidrage
05-12-2012, 03:35:32 AM
But it was a few weeks before I even noticed them. Now I just put them in folders as a collection, it's kind of awesome: i'm up to 69(hurr hurr) self installed widgets.
# 72
Announcements / Rotating Banner
05-12-2012, 03:04:01 AM

USING THE EAGLE AS A BOTTLE OPENER  :usa: :usa: :usa: :youreman: :youreman:
but how do you get leverage against the other side of the bottle!?!?!?!?
# 73
Social/Off-Topic / droidrage
05-12-2012, 03:01:15 AM
Oh come on. Theyre not all gawbage. Xbox Smartglass actually looks like it has potential.

MS kind of has a point. A while back, widget shortcuts started randomly appearing on my HTC's homescreen for shady app stores, shady games, and shady dating sites. Besides some FTP games and two Youtube downloader apps(all of which were approved by DLed off the Playstore), I can't think of what I could have installed that'd be doing that.
# 74
Make a JAVIKS'D post rating.
# 75
Social/Off-Topic / gifs
05-12-2012, 02:46:52 AM
I am pleasantly surprised that none of them have the Seniorgif watermark, and that only half of them are hosted on 4gif
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