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Social/Off-Topic / PORN THREAD
14-02-2013, 22:24:09 PM
Scrolling through the first page page almost broke my video card.
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Gaming / Gentlemen, it's here
14-02-2013, 22:00:34 PM
I play original ugly games only; mods are for posers
Yahtzee approves
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Hypothetically, should games run better or worse on Linux compared to Windows?
I would think so(though I also have a baby as my avatar) since Linux is lighter, allowing Valve(or any other developer) to take their optimization further. Imagine the possibilities if Valve were to make their own Linux distro!

what is that jpeg is it porn?

Well of course! What other use could there possibly be for a picture downloaded from Facebook?
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Well after hearing you get TF2 items, I was on the fence about downloading and installing it. But I can get an Achievement Cube, too!?

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Gaming / (nearly) all upcoming games for 2013
10-01-2013, 22:41:06 PM
Is it worth trying? I'm not generally a huge fan of military shooters
Then you would like it even more. Yahtzee(Zero Puncuation) absolutely hates military shooters and he named it his GOTY
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Gaming / (nearly) all upcoming games for 2013
10-01-2013, 22:39:46 PM
wow huh I've never heard of it

does the new one have any connection to the old one beyond the name and the fact that it's about spec ops dudes
Absolutely none, though they used the branding to help add to the cognitive dissonance create the expectation that makes the story more powerful.

Also, when you play through it, I advise doing a few, long sessions. The story will be more effective that way.

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Gaming / 'Steam Box' gaming console
09-01-2013, 22:51:57 PM
won't such a small thing have weak hardware?
It doesn't need to be very powerful, since game optimization goes a long ways for universal hardware.
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Gaming / 'Steam Box' gaming console
09-01-2013, 01:52:11 AM
Why would you need a console to play PC games?

But now I'm not so sure,  frequent hardware upgrades can cause FRAGMENTATION and then developers no longer have a single hardware platform to write games for.
Seems more like a PC than a game console

There probably wouldn't be that many available upgrades each year. And developers don't want to alienate audiences that have inferior technology. Even if there's a few different pieces of hardware that a console could potentially have, it isn't that much more work than if there was one potential piece of hardware. Certainly less than today's game optimization, which is practically impossible beyond optimizing for operating systems. Even if it got to the point where hardware from previous Steambox upgrade generations weren't supported for entire games, it'd be equivalent in life cycle to where the PS2 is now(though the console life cycle itself would be much shorter)
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Gaming / 'Steam Box' gaming console
09-01-2013, 00:14:28 AM
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Gaming / Hold on to your knickers lads
08-01-2013, 23:35:15 PM
Where the hell did Steampunk come from anyway? I really hate that.
Maybe like retro-future, but the Victorian era instead of the fifties?
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Well a achievement cube is a achievement cube.
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By Stell, is that Steve Buscemi!?
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