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# 16
Gaming / Half-Life 2
06-07-2013, 19:15:02 PM
Been playing a lot of Half-Life lately, and I have to say, I cannot find a problem with Half-Life 2. A friend and I challenged ourselves to think of a flaw with this game, and I think it's impossible. Any help?
# 17
Ask JCX / What graphics card should i buy
18-04-2013, 17:03:46 PM
I ended up getting a Radeon 6570. It still shudders at the sight of Bjorno's cannabis habit.
# 18
04-04-2013, 00:05:59 AM
I'm wanting a large, high-resolution photo. I need an artist who can take very detailed requests.
Something like this:

With a good artist who was putting in the effort, I'm wanting to be able to describe the girl's personality to the artist, and why I feel this way about the girl, and see it make a difference in the resulting product.
Like I said, I'll pay a lot of money for this.

I want him to be able to feel passion for the work, and feel it in the product.

but I can't really be having ethical standards get in there, either.
Would most artists have a problem drawing a girl based off of some of her I facebook photos I might I show him?
and would it matter if I wanted her drawn in painful and humiliating situations? 
and would it matter if the girl in real life was obviously like 17?

Like I said, I'll pay a lot.
# 19
03-04-2013, 20:31:40 PM
I would like your advice on how I should go about finding a commission artist who, for like $40, will draw a high quality hentai picture to my specifications.
# 20
Social/Off-Topic / College:
03-04-2013, 20:27:36 PM
Think of Ron Jeremy. Ya' know, the porn star, famous for having a 13 inch dick. Now imagine him as a big hulking, muscular black man. and I mean black. Like, coal at night black.

For at least eight weeks at this point, he has been taking ExtenZe & testosterone supplements daily, and has regularly been using a male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species-pump.
He has not been allowed to have any sort of sexual satisfaction or release during that period of time.
On top of that, his blood-plasma levels are currently at peak levels of a cocktail of a large dose of mehtylenedioxymethylamphetmine(Ecstasy) and a large dose of Sildenafil(Viagra).

Yet he still wouldn't be capable of handling the amount of dick that the MLA Format sucks.
# 21
But if it's true that you don't like shirts with graphics, how could you possibly know how you'd react?????
I would like it if it was a poster in the house of someone else who I occasionally visited.
# 22
If I liked shirts withs graphics on them, Id say that his was pretty cool.
# 23
Social/Off-Topic / Dvorak
18-02-2013, 18:00:29 PM
Dvorak's symphonies are some of my favorites, his compositions were responsible for me learning the beauty of classical music.

Well greatness does run in that family's blood.

Anyways, Dvorak is proving to be amazing. Very comfortable. In three days, Ive become better with it than I was after five years of QWERTY
# 24
I may be a baby, but I'm not a pervert.
# 25
That was just an a capella cover of a 1 Direction by a girl I know to be expand my library of royalty free music that I can put on Youtube videos
# 26
Gaming / Which game is better?
16-02-2013, 22:37:27 PM
# 27
Social/Off-Topic / Dvorak
15-02-2013, 22:55:20 PM
Perhaps it wasn,t the best the best idea to switch in the middle of the semester...

Im sure The community is tech savvy enouh to have experience with this. How long is it going to be before I'm back up to speed?
What sort of impact will this have on my keyboard shortcuts?
# 28
Social/Off-Topic / PORN THREAD
15-02-2013, 20:04:14 PM
The only porn I need is that picture of squidward you have as your signature.
# 29
....and thus begins the start of Valve pioneering Linux development, soon to bring waves customers over to the open operating system, motivating many other AAA developers to port to the platform, as it has finally found an audience. Riding the wake left behind by the mass exodus of Linux development will be mainstream software development. AND DEVELOPERS WITH THE BUDGET TO INCLUDE PACKAGE INSTALLATION WIZARDS WITH THEIR PROGRAMS, FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
# 30
Social/Off-Topic / PORN THREAD
15-02-2013, 01:27:07 AM
Scrolling through the first page page almost broke my video card.

I'm straight-up stumped if you're making a joke you find funny, or if you're making fun of me for my past references to being fond of 4chan and memes.
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