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Gaming / Game Identification Help Thread
12-03-2014, 21:10:53 PM
Thanks Andmill!
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Gaming / Game Identification Help Thread
12-03-2014, 14:30:33 PM
A few years ago, someone made a thread promoting an older, apparently underrated and underplayed game that I remember being quite good., but I've since forgot the title and can't think of any search terms to turn it up. It was an older, 2D one-life game where you must survive on an alien planet after crashing your spaceship on it. If you die, you have to restart the entire game, and I believe each game started on a new semi-random procedurally generated world. You could choose what your starting character was, and the available options included human, a few different aliens, and a robot, who was significant because he had way better stats then all the others but could only regain energy with batteries that you don't get until later in the game.

Anyone remember what I'm talking about?
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Gaming / Payday 2
28-08-2013, 15:12:40 PM
It's a pretty cool game. Except that no one uses the mic, and, well, communication is sort of important.

Anyone get this game? Wanna start a YoureWinner Bank Robbing team?
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Gaming / Official PS3 gaming club sign up
23-08-2013, 18:06:28 PM
I just got a PS3, so I might want to be a part of this.

As far as GTAV as the first game, I think it would be a bad idea since the smart thing to do would be to wait for it to come out on Next-gen. Apparently my friend played a console demo at Wal-Mort, and it was choppy as fetch.
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Gaming / Origin Humble Bundle is ok
23-08-2013, 15:29:05 PM
Also, in your guy's opinions, what makes you feel more like a piece of poo poo?: Playing Spec Ops: The Line, or paying $1 for the Humble Bundle(when were talking about any other Bundle besides the PewdiePie or Origin bundles)
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Gaming / steev's Xbox 360 controller blog
23-08-2013, 15:26:25 PM
I stayed at some relative's recently, and my 12 year old cousin has become a big CoD fan. So he was inclined to get a special edition customized Scuf® Gaming controller. It cost him $150, and it's orange with purple LEDs(yuck, he really needs to develop a sense of colour matching), has a 360 analog stick on the left and the domed Sony one on the right, has two paddles on the back, one of which is bound to A and the other is bound to Y. fetching Y. Not B, for crouching or meleeing really quickly, but fetching Y, for switching weapons. Oh, and for the $150, he got it wired for the marginal latency improvement.
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Gaming / My review of Spec: Ops The Line
23-08-2013, 15:16:59 PM
No mention of the best part where you get to shoot all the Americans?
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Gaming / Origin Humble Bundle is ok
23-08-2013, 15:14:36 PM
Has EA talked about why they're doing this? Joining the Humble Bundle is a very un-EA-like thing to do. Are they trying to one-up Microsoft in the most-redeemed company contest? Or do they just want to get Origin on people's computers?
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Gaming / Deadly Premonition coming to PC!
20-07-2013, 04:35:26 AM
Really hoping someone makes a mod to undo all the Director's Cut changes
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Social/Off-Topic / Snapple facts
20-07-2013, 04:25:27 AM
Cat's can't move their jaw sideways. What'd you learn today?
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Social/Off-Topic / Are you wearing a shirt?
20-07-2013, 04:18:27 AM
Last night I was at Christmas party where I got as a gift an employee polo shirt for Orchard Valley Hardware Supply
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Can it be assumed that this is among the greatest songs of all time?
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did you literally tape them all together into a large unwieldy ball and if so did you take pictures
Just found this after backing up my phone
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Social/Off-Topic / Are you wearing a shirt?
10-07-2013, 05:14:17 AM
My nose was bleeding for like 15 minutes so now I have to throw my current white T-Shirt away. Maaaaaaaaaann, this shirt would be so cool if blood didnt dry to be brown.
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Gaming / Half-Life 2
10-07-2013, 05:09:03 AM
I figured it's only other problem. The game is so good and polished that since there is really nothing to complain about, I ended up noticing tons of nitpicks, such as how the guns dont have chambered bullets, how the viewmodels dont move when you move up next to a wall, or how like 3 times the framerate dipped below 10 FPS on the 360 version. Thus, the game is so good, it's bad.
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