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# 61
Pro Wrestling / Cesaro vs Cena on RAW
14-07-2015, 14:55:30 PM
Incoming Cesaro Vs. Owens feud for Summerslam. You heard it here first.
# 62
Emote spam? Emote spam.

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Social/Off-Topic / Road trip posting
14-07-2015, 14:47:45 PM
I had no service for basically the entire drive. In Eureka now, this town is dumb. They haven't even banned plastic bags yet
HAHAHA I come back to yourewinner and look what I find, Cirus is in humboldt no poo poo.

Eureka is a truly horrible place. Known for it's poo pooty smell, poo pooty titty bar, and poo pooty half-empty mall. In a county known for it's marijuana usage, Eureka's drug of choice is anything that you inject into your arm and makes you want to rob people. It's also well known for having 6 Subways, most of them within walking distance of another Subway.

Not that the other local towns are that great either: Arcata is hippyville, where all businesses are locally owned, and housing costs as much as San Francisco, and McKinleyville is a glorified trailer park that happens to have a K-Mart nearby. But at least they don't smell like poo poo! (Except the Arcata bottoms, which literally smells like poo poo, because of the ocean wind that blows on all the cows).
# 64
Pro Wrestling / Good old wrestling games?
14-07-2015, 14:38:05 PM
I'm going to stop in and rep Wrestlemania: The Arcade game. It plays like a weird mixture of Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. Love that game.
But I'm going to have to agree, No Mercy and HCTP are the best wrestling games of all time. I'd also say Smackdown 2 is worth a shot if you can deal with loading times from hell.
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# 66
Blaze It Game Development Joint
# 67
Gaming / Payday 2
29-08-2013, 21:51:19 PM
I actually own it.

Steam is SwagMachine3000XL

I also don't play it much, so enjoy carrying my poo pooty ass to victory and monez.
# 68
Gaming / Let's play Metal Gear Solid
29-08-2013, 21:50:20 PM
I still need to play 4, but it can't possibly beat 3
I'm playing through 4 right now, and It's pretty fun.

But then again, I'm stupid, because I think the Twin Snakes is the best game in the series.
# 69
Gaming / EJ's PS4 Gaming Blog
29-08-2013, 21:46:48 PM
I'm not getting a PS4 or Vita anytime soon and Minecraft on ANYTHING? *snorts* :smug:
Minecraft was good for all of 1 week, until it was overrun with 12 year olds.
# 70
I haven't been employed for 5 years or so... But my last job was a part time job in HS.

Was gonna get one, and take a year off of school, but nobody called back, so I signed back up for school.
Aaaannnd then Target calls and says "Hey, want a job". fetch.
# 71
Sports / Fantasy Football 2013-2014 thread
24-08-2013, 00:32:52 AM
So it looks like there's not gonna be a this year.

Oh well.
# 72
Sports / Fantasy Football 2013-2014 thread
16-08-2013, 22:45:06 PM
Im going to be very disappointed if this doesnt happen
I'll be somewhat disappointed...
But hey, I'm getting the Direct TV package this year, so whatever. I'll have plenty of football.
# 73
They generally range from decent to pretty fun, I don't think they're necessarily a bad thing although I can see how it might start becoming saturated
This is exactly why I liked Man of Steel, and I still don't get the hate.

The acting was poo poo. Admitted. The pacing was... Bizarre, to say the least. I think Snyder wanted to emulate better directors that he'll never live up to.

But Snyder did his Snyder thing, and the movie was visually stunning. That's enough for me. That gives it an 8 in my book. Same reason 300 was fun to watch the first time around, on top of Gerard Butler delivering each line like he's taking the biggest poo poo of his life.

Man of Steel was a treat visually, and sometimes that's all I need in a film. Especially when the main character is someone so impossible to make believable as Superman is. Also, can we get Kevin Spacey as Lex again? That'd be grand.
# 74
Tech help plz.

My game keeps having this problem where my vehicle, no matter which one I use, moves in a stop-go-stop-go pattern, like it's running at a low frame rate. Maybe it has something to do with my monitor refresh rate or something? I'm kinda getting irritated at not being able to experience my favorite game at optimum speed, instead of having to watch it like a slideshow.
# 75
BROTRR Discussion / Bigger Riggers Thread #2
05-08-2013, 03:11:54 AM
Ok, now after playing the demo, I have a small gripe.

I didn't see a three handled trophy anywhere.
Otherwise, I don't see too many issues, and it looks ready to go. Almost as good as the original, but you can't expect to improve on perfection.
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