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# 46
Pro Wrestling / Upvote this please
28-07-2015, 20:36:32 PM
I don't upvote, I use post ratings.
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Social/Off-Topic / bow to me scrublords
28-07-2015, 02:44:27 AM
# 48
In other news, this totally kills the "Hogan Vs. Cena WM 32" plan he was trying to push to Vince, which is a blessing in disguise.

BTW, is it just me, or does this smell of possible blackmail? This comes out JUST AS Hogan continues to press charges in the lawsuit against Gawker for releasing his Sex Tape...
# 49
Gaming / CS:GO topic
23-07-2015, 23:34:00 PM
I want to play competitive shooty games just so I can meet the swat team
I'm too busy playing competitive BROTRR. Major League Rigging is having their next major in a few days.
# 50
b is a valuable member of the community. I donated him some rigcoins.
# 51
Social/Off-Topic / Road trip posting
16-07-2015, 21:14:27 PM
I think you should be proud of living in a town Cirus deemed worth visiting
I went through Eureka out of necessity, not because I wanted to visit it

No way in hell I'd live in Eureka. I live a little bit north of that.
# 52
Feedback/Help / Trademark violation????
15-07-2015, 18:15:30 PM
# 53
Social/Off-Topic / Road trip posting
15-07-2015, 15:08:25 PM
At least you don't gotta live there...
well then


That's the plan, but right now I'm broke bruh.
# 54

And I quote...
Me: "Bruh, I remember this spambot told us to buy many many pills for manly manly men"
Her: "What are you talking about, I don't even have a dick, you're an idiot"
Me: "Nah, I'm going to pump you full of pills like Dr. Mario"
# 55
Friend of mine wants erectile enhancement, and he doesn't own a PC to play BROTTR on.

What kind of pills should he take?
# 56
Physical copies of games are so last century. Cloud computing is the future.
Lord Stell will eventually release a Cloud version of Big Rigs, Big Rigs OS.
# 57
Social/Off-Topic / joke 2
14-07-2015, 19:04:08 PM
I get it! It's funny because it's British! :uk:
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Social/Off-Topic / Road trip posting
14-07-2015, 18:58:55 PM
At least you don't gotta live there...
# 59
Why is it even still up? Wiki's are the way of the past. Everyone knows that the future is blogging. Replace wiki with WINNERblog. It's just like WINNERwiki, except that instead of searching for things you want to know about, it tells you want you want to know about, and then tells you about it.
# 60
Social/Off-Topic / Road trip posting
14-07-2015, 15:19:32 PM
Eureka is a stop on the highway, and there's pretty much nothing else but those three towns, Marijuana grow operations, trees, and a bunch of tourist attractions, for miles. It's literally the middle of nowhere. Good weed tho.
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