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Social/Off-Topic / peoples AMA thread
21-12-2015, 00:00:31 AM
@EJ why don't you post more
i forgot to bookmark this page on my new comp
are you saying isn't your home page?

I personally have no homepage. Homes are expensive, and my credit rating is trash, so I make do with my apartmentpage.

are rhyno's arms too short?

"Download the WWE App" - Michael Cole
# 33
BROTRR Discussion / Hey there trucksterz.
20-12-2015, 23:56:37 PM
Keep in mind that this forum is only as active as you are. Stay active, stay fit

60 minutes of activity a day keeps you healthy
60 mins a year is enough for me.
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I joined this website when I was 13, so I guess I'm still in college, kek.
On the side, I make it so people's computer networks suck a little bit less.
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The Big Rigs that is spoken is not the eternal Big Rigs
The Rig that can be driven is not the eternal Rig
The nameless origin of Stellar Stone and WINNER
The name is the illusion of LOSER

Thus, constantly free of expectations
One observes it's majesty
Constantly filled with expectations
One observes HWSBN's deceit

These two emerge, but are different in name
The unity is said to be the challenge
Challenge of challenges, the road to WINNER
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You won't BELIEVE what happens next!
# 37
And here I was hoping it'd be good enough that Beeg would retire...
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Feedback/Help / B posts too much
05-09-2015, 19:03:37 PM
B posts a lot. Everyone else posts too little.
The solution is to give B access to everyone else's account, so that posting numbers go up.
# 39
david spade needed the money and adam sandler always wants more money

it's a perfect fit

the real question is what the frick is adam sandler doing with all this money
Dunno. He could buy a lot of copies of BROTRR with all that moolah.
# 40
New Day is going to begin to get a fear of tables...
# 41
I'm a Temple OS user Steev. Of course, I can't use the internet with Temple OS, so I use Windows 10, Mint, Peppermint, Slax, and OSX the rest of the time.
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What is this euroball stuff? Wheres the real football?
# 43
Testing Windows 10 flag.
# 44
Arnold has always been a big windows fan. When on the set of Batman and Robin, he said "I love Windows 98, it's very COOL. The best feature is when it FREEZES!"
# 45
Why Miz? Why not Paul Heyman?
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